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  • Mac Pro 2008 8-Core | Overview/Setup
    Mac Pro 2008 8-Core | Overview/Setup

    Hello, Right now I am going to be unboxing and giving you an overview of a 2008 2.8GHx Intel Xeon 8 Core Mac Pro. This Mac Pro was picked up on Ebay for about $1,400. It came with 3x 500GB HHD's and 1x 320GB HDD. The machine as it is right now scores 9980 on a 32 bit Geekbench run. I will be installing a GTX285 and 16GB Ram in the machine in a week or so. That should put it around 11,000-12,000. This Mac Pro that I have is already WAY faster than my iMac I had. WAY faster. It's amazing. I love how cool it runs even under load. The Mac Pro currently has 4x1GB Ram. So, it's not it's fastest. At all. I have the 4x 500GB HDD's (One installed by myself) in a 4x RAID 0 "Striped" with a 128K Block Size. When running Blackmagics Designs disk test. I get around 280MB Read/Write. Very fast! Don't even have to buy an SSD. Once I get the 30" Cinema Display I think this machine will be a lot more fun, the 30" is an incredible monitor. It's a shame they discontinued it.. I will be doing a lot of Mac Pro videos! Some will be upgrade videos, and after I do all the upgrades, they will turn into performance and benchmarking videos! Stay tuned for those. Thanks for watching, chargerfun34 *Filmed on the iPhone 4, Edited in Final Cut Pro X.

    par Mitchell Camps
    Envoyée le samedi 30 juillet 2011 16:07:50
  • Unboxing $800 8-Core Mac Pro
    Unboxing $800 8-Core Mac Pro

    So, I found an 8-Core Mac Pro on Amazon and picked it up before it wasn't available anymore. I KNOW the green screen is a bit off at times, I'll improve on that in future :D Enjoy!

    par Tonyisgaming
    Envoyée le lundi 04 novembre 2013 19:58:20
  • Is an old Mac Pro Worth It in 2015? Watch this Review.
    Is an old Mac Pro Worth It in 2015? Watch this Review.

    In this episode, I will help determine if buying an old Apple Mac Pro is worth it in 2015. This video is meant for people considering the purchase of a Mac Pro 1,1 as their first, or perhaps you received one as a gift. Maybe you are on the fence about whether or not to upgrade your older Mac Pro. To determine whether or not it is worth it, I will review the following areas: 1. Intended Use 2. Processor Throughput 3. Energy Efficiency 4. Software Support 5. Noise Level 6. Maintenance Costs 7. Initial Cost Hopefully, you will find this video helpful in deciding whether or not an 2006 Mac Pro is worth buying today. Thanks for watching.

    par Used Gadgets
    Envoyée le jeudi 13 août 2015 12:14:09
  • New Mac Pro Review!
    New Mac Pro Review!

    Mac Pro 2014! Probably won't see another one like this for a while. Mac Pro Performance Review: Unboxing & Impressions: High-end PC challenge: Video Gear I use: Intro/Outro Track: Deadmau5 - Slow Down, Start Over ~

    par Marques Brownlee
    Envoyée le jeudi 20 février 2014 11:53:29
  • Mac Pro (8-Core) Review
    Mac Pro (8-Core) Review

    My complete review on Apple's Mid-2010 Mac Pro (8-Core) model. This machine is definitely pricey, but it offers and the best workstation and lives up to its performance factor. Two 2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon "Westmere" processors 6GB of memory (DDR3) 2x 1TB HDD's 18x double-layer SuperDrive ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB GDDR5 Are the price points of the new lineup Mac Pro's worth its price? Find out in the video, and don't forget to Subscribe to the channel =) Follow me on Twitter for exclusive updates and upcoming news: Check out iEnlive:

    par AppleGenius0921
    Envoyée le samedi 23 octobre 2010 11:51:00
  • 2009 Mac Pro (Nehalem)
    2009 Mac Pro (Nehalem)

    This was my Next Computer to show you guys. January 2009 was the 2008 3.0Ghz mac Pro with 32gigs of ram, February 2009 was the Dual 30" Cinema Displays and March was my 2009 Nehalem Mac Pro 2.93Ghz with 24gigs of ram. 6 x 4gigs. Whats going to be next for April??? lol probably not much seeing as i have two Mac Pros, two 30" Cinema Displays.... oh... but theres more.... Check back for my next unboxing Video for April... Yes... Another Apple Product

    par MacUserLogic
    Envoyée le dimanche 05 avril 2009 04:38:50
  • Apple Mac Pro Unboxing & Hard Drive Installation
    Apple Mac Pro Unboxing & Hard Drive Installation

    New to the Geekanoids office, I wanted to bring you my unboxing of the Apple Mac Pro & a look at how easy the hard drive installation is. Check out more great reviews on my YouTube Channel: or the main website Any Amazon links that appear in the video description are affiliate links. They do not alter the price you pay. Geekanoids earns a small commission on each sale.

    par Geekanoids
    Envoyée le lundi 24 août 2009 09:39:11
  • 2010 6 Core Mac Pro Unboxing
    2010 6 Core Mac Pro Unboxing

    I bought a new mid-2010 Mac Pro recently and this is the unboxing video. It has one six-core Intel Xeon Westmere 3.33Ghz processor. 3GB DDR3 1333Mhz SDRAM. 2x 1T HDD. 1 Superdrive. 1 ATI Radeon HD 5770.

    par mrgeekygeek
    Envoyée le dimanche 22 août 2010 21:17:01
  • Six 4K Screens On A Mac Pro - 50,000,000 Pixels!
    Six 4K Screens On A Mac Pro - 50,000,000 Pixels!

    Supposedly the Mac Pro 2013 trash can can only support 3 x 4k monitors so i built an external GPU (eGPU) via thunderbolt. It uses the Sonnet Thunderbolt chassis and in this case an AMD 7970 GPU. Although you can use GTX970, GTX 980, Titan etc. This is how i did it. Buy your chassis here - Thanks to Goalque for the information - Why do i need 6 screens ? - For the best business, IT, Fixed Line and Mobile deals & solutions visit Room Tour Video Here - My Custom Desk Build - House Tour - Q&A Playlist - My 4K TV - Gaming PC Specs - Special Desk lighting - My Chair - Video Setup Tour - My Job - Make multi screen wallpaper - Follow me on these social networks… My Main Channel - My Daily VLOG Channel - My Instagram - My Twitter My Facebook Page - My Google+ - My Photography Channel My Website My other website Download my Apps here - Help me out by using these links to buy from Amazon. Costs you nothing ! UK - US - DE - All my recording Kit - UK - US - My Hackintosh hardware - UK - US - All my equipment - UK - US - Get 20gb of cloud storage FREE here -

    par MrThaiBox123
    Envoyée le dimanche 30 août 2015 10:47:53
  • $10000 MacPro vs $10000 PC
    $10000 MacPro vs $10000 PC

    NEW 2016 version at I am comparing two expensive workstations in 4 professional programs: Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and Maya. 0:42 Workstations CPU, GPU and other specs... 1:05 Photoshop benchmark 2:24 Adobe Premiere rendering benchmark 3:31 Premiere issue on Windows 3:53 Maya 3D Rendering benchmark 5:23 After Effects Benchmark 5:57 Table with results EDIT: PC is even faster in photoshop if you turn off OpenCL. Please see addendum To test your computer with the same photoshop benchmark go to:

    par Tech Guy
    Envoyée le vendredi 09 janvier 2015 14:28:47
  • Mac Pro 2009 Powermac G5 Comparison
    Mac Pro 2009 Powermac G5 Comparison

    Upgrading from a Power Mac g5 late 2005 to a Mac Pro 2009 8 Core. Moved From PPC to Intel.Fastest Mac I Have owned. Apple User Since 1988

    par PlopDropvideos
    Envoyée le samedi 13 mars 2010 23:23:22
  • Apple Mac Pro review
    Apple Mac Pro review

    Leo Laporte reviews the new Mac Pro from Apple. For the full episode, visit

    par Before You Buy
    Envoyée le mercredi 15 janvier 2014 14:47:16
  • Apple Mac Pro 2009
    Apple Mac Pro 2009

    wir zeigen Apples neuen Mac Pro im Detail

    par Redaktion Macwelt
    Envoyée le jeudi 07 mai 2009 04:37:25
  • Is My Mac Pro Dead?
    Is My Mac Pro Dead?

    There's a problem with my Mac Pro... *UPDATE - not software related, issue persists with different users and booting from another system. Not monitor / cable related as problem is exhibited on 4 different displays. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Google Plus -

    par Unbox Therapy
    Envoyée le dimanche 14 juin 2015 15:24:03
  • Apple Mac Pro: Three 22" Widescreen Monitor Upgrade
    Apple Mac Pro: Three 22" Widescreen Monitor Upgrade

    Upgrading to 3 22" widescreen monitor.....IT'S JUST AWESOME! 1 Samsung T220 2 AOC 2230Fa The camera i used in this video is CANON Powershot sx10is I used iMovie 09 for editing.. More videos coming: anything in Mac & PC, Building an extreme gaming rig, Editing techniques, gaming, Reviews...etc... Thanks and have a nice day guys...

    par somuch2see
    Envoyée le vendredi 20 mars 2009 21:53:17
  • Mac Pro Review
    Mac Pro Review

    This is another CNET review of the Apple Mac Pro

    par Jon4Chargers
    Envoyée le mercredi 28 mai 2008 22:39:37
  • RAID card 8 core
    RAID card 8 core

    How to install CalDigit RAID card on Mac Pro 8 core

    par danyuyuyu
    Envoyée le mardi 02 septembre 2008 23:56:49
  • Apple 12-Core Mac Pro (Review)
    Apple 12-Core Mac Pro (Review)

    My full review of the 12-Core Apple Mac Pro workstation. The machine screams power, and the latest generation of the fastest Mac ever definitely lives up to its name. As expensive as it is, the power you get is unbeatable. Watch the video for my full review! Follow me on Twitter:

    par AppleGenius0921
    Envoyée le jeudi 25 août 2011 14:52:51
  • 2009 Mac Pro Review
    2009 Mac Pro Review

    Hey Guys, Terry here with a review on my Mac Pro, I bought this bad boy a few weeks ago and well, watch the video, it covers all you need to know.

    par FullTimeDesignVideos
    Envoyée le mardi 09 juin 2009 12:15:16
  • Apple Mac Pro
    Apple Mac Pro

    par ZiveCz
    Envoyée le jeudi 23 septembre 2010 04:20:21
  • 2008 8-core 2.8Ghz Mac Pro; fan test - ALL FANS FULL SPEED!
    2008 8-core 2.8Ghz Mac Pro; fan test - ALL FANS FULL SPEED!

    The absolute ROAR of a 2008 Mac Pro, when all fans are turned to MAXIMUM speed using smcFanControl app. This thing is barely audible when idle... but when all the fans are cranked on MAX, watch out!! :-). Hey, at least it won't overheat!. Unlike a lot of computers, the noise is only evident when the Mac Pro is REALLY working hard; don't forget there are EIGHT XEON CORES inside!!.

    par unlokia
    Envoyée le samedi 13 septembre 2008 16:23:23
  • MacPro 2.93 8 Core "Nehalem" processors Upgrade
    MacPro 2.93 8 Core "Nehalem" processors Upgrade

    Look inside at the modular design, quality of engineering, and ease of access in this machine.

    par baddogincdotcom
    Envoyée le samedi 27 juin 2009 21:52:21
  • Mac Pro Quad 2.66 VS Core i7 Custom Built Vista machine: Geekbench 64 bit test
    Mac Pro Quad 2.66 VS Core i7 Custom Built Vista machine: Geekbench 64 bit test

    This is a little video I made for fun testing my Quad core 2006 Mac pro against my brothers freshly built Core i7 vista 64 bit machine. I know this is not a fair test it was not ment to be it was made for fun. Enjoy

    par TheTechPlank
    Envoyée le samedi 03 janvier 2009 06:52:09
  • Apple could make a MacBook Pro with 30 hrs of battery life!
    Apple could make a MacBook Pro with 30 hrs of battery life!

    071 Dear Apple. I have a great idea. Take all that tech that you've managed to shrink and squeeze into the tiny confines of the latest MacBook Pros, give them space and let them breathe within the confines of your older designs. Add more batteries, storage and RAM. Make it easier for us to update the hardware. Yes, I know that going lighter is all about bragging rights with your competition, but maybe you should think about what your users need.

    par Peter Paul Chato
    Envoyée le dimanche 19 novembre 2017 15:53:17
  • 2008 2.8 8 Core Apple Mac Pro Kingston 16 GB RAM Upgrade!
    2008 2.8 8 Core Apple Mac Pro Kingston 16 GB RAM Upgrade!

    CHECK THESE OUT: PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: The Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) is a super small, super cool, PC. See it here: SEE ME, FEEL ME: Here are six large-screen (23" to 24"), budget LCD monitors that will please both your wallet AND your eyeballs for under $200: FUNNY ERROR MESSAGES We pulled together some hilarious—and some frightening—messages that you might never see: BEST LICENSE PLATES FOR TECHIES On a Prius or Porsche, your personalized license plate tells the world that you are at heart a techie! Check out some our faves here and see if you spot your ride. $2500 SUPER GAMING CUSTOM PC Check out our latest gaming build! An ultra-powerful $2500 gaming rig carefully planned out to handle whatever the next generation of games throws your way. Build it here: GAMERS REJOICE! Take a peek at our top selections for 2012 and the holiday season—PC and console games and more. Did your fave make our list? LOL - WORST DIY PC REPAIRS: As a tech guru, you spend a lot of time building systems, troubleshooting, and talking harried users off the ledge. You think you've seen it all—until now. Check out some of the worst PC repairs/upgrades: VISIT THE SITE:

    Envoyée le lundi 21 septembre 2009 14:21:49
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