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  • Macbook Air - Official Trailer
    Macbook Air - Official Trailer

    Macbook Air - Official Trailer By Apple Link: This Video is supplied by apple. The soul purpose of this channel is to have all Apple trailers in one spot. Visit the channel page for more!!

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    Envoyée le mardi 01 septembre 2015 21:34:38
  • Macbook Air Basics - Mac Manual Guide for Beginners - new to mac
    Macbook Air Basics - Mac Manual Guide for Beginners - new to mac

    Macbook pro, iMac, Mac pro, mac mini, macbook retina display, macbook, El Capitan OS X, macbook air,,apple laptop, apple computer,

    par acguevara
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  • Macbook Air Unboxing & Review - What You Should Know!
    Macbook Air Unboxing & Review - What You Should Know! - A just purchased, brand new, never opened, Unboxing of a Macbook Air. I'll walk you through it from sealed in the box - to in your had fully functioning! Learn why, even though I had a macbook pro - I still decided on a Air! And that even if you do your home work, regarding which mac to go for, you still may have to opt for two machines like I did.

    par StuffYouShouldBuy
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  • Welcome to your first Mac / Apple computer
    Welcome to your first Mac / Apple computer In this tutorial I introduce you to your first Mac / Apple computer. Whether it is an iMac, a Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or Macbook. Feel free to leave suggestions for future videos. For one-on-one training, e-mail me at:

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  • Learn the Mac In Under An Hour
    Learn the Mac In Under An Hour

    Are you new to Mac? Just got your first Apple Computer? In this one video you will learn everything you need to get up and running. David A. Cox is an award winning teacher who specializes in teaching technology to the non tech-savvy. His service, (formerly PC Classes Online) is a free service that allows anyone to learn how to master their Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPad from the comfort of their own home. Tech Talk America is now a free public service. Take our Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad classes today at

    par David A. Cox
    Envoyée le dimanche 21 juillet 2013 16:16:32
  • "MacBook Air 2015 Review" - The Best Laptop For Students (13")
    "MacBook Air 2015 Review" - The Best Laptop For Students (13")

    "MacBook Air 2015 Review" - The Best Laptop For Students (13") - In this video, I give you my 2015 MacBook Air 13" review. The MacBook Air 2015 is possibly the best laptop for students and everyday users. I have been using the "2015 MacBook Air" more than my 2012 MacBook Pro as it has been better in terms of weight, slimness and working on. However, it isn't a multimedia laptop and for video editing, my MacBook Pro remains king. If you enjoyed the video then make sure to leave a rating, comment and a subscription to show your appreciation! Royalty free music at AudioMicro here: ========================================­======­==== Buy the MacBook Air 13" 2015 here: UK: US: Buy the AVerMedia Game Capture HD II: Sponsored By KontrolFreek, use the code Pwnage to get a 10% discount! ▷Buy cheap products from Amazon here: ▷Twitter: ▷My channel link (subscribe): ▷My Amazon Wish List: Equipment: MacBook Pro 15" Non Retina 2012: MacBook Air 13" 2015 Canon 100D (Canon Rebel SL1): Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens: Velbon C400 Tripod: Neewer CN 160 DSLR LED Light: Blue Yeti Microphone: Rode Videomic: ========================================== For any business/sponsorship/review enquiries, please email ========================================== PC games for cheap at GreenManGaming - use the code MAHELK-HANSAV-E20OFF for 20% off of your purchase!

    par Mahel's Reviews
    Envoyée le mardi 14 avril 2015 06:26:55
  • Using the MacBook Air
    Using the MacBook Air

    The keyboard and trackpad of the MacBook Air are both intuitive and easy to use, as we'll demonstrate in this tutorial. The keyboard is full-size and the trackpad allows users to use gestures to interact with the MacBook. We'll also be showing you the new and improved sleep function @

    par butterscotchcom
    Envoyée le mardi 30 novembre 2010 19:10:59
  • Unboxing MacBook Air (HD)
    Unboxing MacBook Air (HD)

    June 20,2008 unboxing MacBook Air

    par sexymanila
    Envoyée le samedi 21 juin 2008 16:20:37
  • Apple Commercials
    Apple Commercials

    This video shows all the commercials of the computers from Apple. The iBook, iMac, Macbook Air etc.

    par applecollection
    Envoyée le jeudi 19 mai 2011 14:11:58
  • 15 Touch Bar Tips and Tricks for MacBook Pro
    15 Touch Bar Tips and Tricks for MacBook Pro

    New to the Touch Bar on the latest MacBook Pro? Watch these 15 handy tips and tricks to get quickly acclimated to Apple's newest MacBook Pro innovation. Subscribe now ► Read full post ► Support on Amazon ► ● Follow 9to5Mac on Twitter - ● Follow 9to5Mac on Facebook - ● Follow Jeff on Twitter - Other Channels: ● 9to5Google - ● Electrek - ● 9to5Toys -

    par 9to5Mac
    Envoyée le vendredi 18 novembre 2016 15:41:54
  • NEW Apple Macbook Air 13" Unboxing, Hands On, and First Look (128GB Flash Storage & 1.3GHz Intel i5)
    NEW Apple Macbook Air 13" Unboxing, Hands On, and First Look (128GB Flash Storage & 1.3GHz Intel i5)

    FOLLOW DigitalTech on Twitter:!/DigiTechReviews LIKE DigitalTech on Facebook: My Video Gear: In this video I unbox one of the newest products from Apple: The New Macbook Air. I also talk about the computer's specs, how it's different than the old Macbook Air, and have some artsy video shots of the Macbook Air to keep your eyes visually pleased. Hope you like the video, leave your questions down below or on facebook or twitter, and as always: Have a nice day. Music Channel: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ HELP SUPPORT ME, USE MY LINKS :) New Macbook Air 11": New Macbook Air 13": The ultimate everyday notebook is better than ever. MacBook Air now features the latest Intel processors and graphics, faster flash storage, and a 720p FaceTime HD camera. All packed into a notebook that's incredibly thin and light. With up to 60 percent faster graphics performance, it makes everything you do feel quicker and more fluid than ever. And the latest flash storage is up to 4x faster than a traditional hard drive, making MacBook Air remarkably responsive. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ NEW Macbook Air (2013 Model) 13 Inch Unboxing, Hands On, and First Look (128GB Flash Storage & 1.3GHz Intel i5) Apple MacBook Air A 13.3-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION) NEW Macbook Air 13 Inch Unboxing, Hands On, and First Look (128GB Flash Storage & 1.3GHz Intel i5) Apple MacBook Air MD760LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION) NEW Macbook Air 13" Unboxing, Hands On, and First Look (128GB Flash Storage & 1.3GHz Intel i5) Apple MacBook Air MD760LL A 13.3-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION)

    par Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
    Envoyée le jeudi 25 juillet 2013 09:07:40
  • 5 Laptops better than MacBook Air 2017
    5 Laptops better than MacBook Air  2017

    5 Best MacBook Air Alternatives: 5 thin and light laptops you’ll love Huawei Matebook x Key Features Price: £1200 7th-gen Intel Core i5 or i7-U processors 4-8GB LPDDR3 memory 13-inch, 2160 x 1440-pixel IPS display Weight: 1.05kg 256 or 512GB PCI-E SSD Lenovo Ideapad 710S Price: $825 Our Score: 9/10 Our Verdict: “A fantastic machine at a fantastic price. This is a great option for those seeking a top-notch lightweight laptop without breaking the bank.” Dell XPS 13 Price: £1,099.99 | $1,074 Our Score: 9/10 Our Verdict: “The Dell XPS 13 is one of the best no-nonsense portable laptops around” Asus ZenBook UX330UA Price: £749 Our Score: 7/10 Our Verdict: “A thin, light and fast laptop that’s outshone by its rivals.” Acer Chromebook 14 Price: £260 | $299 Our Score: 8/10 Our Verdict: “A long-lasting laptop that offers superb value for money.” Subscribe if you enjoyed! Follow Us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Twitter

    par Crystal Star Media
    Envoyée le samedi 05 août 2017 14:57:51
  • New MacBook Air vs Old MacBook Air
    New MacBook Air vs Old MacBook Air

    New MacBook Air Core 2 Duo 1.86GHz SSD 128G Byte Old MacBook Air Core 2 Duo 1.6GHz HDD 80G Byte SANYO Xacti DMX-CA8で撮影

    par tomonojyou176i
    Envoyée le dimanche 09 novembre 2008 06:47:57
  • Apple MacBook Air Unboxing Video
    Apple MacBook Air Unboxing Video How do I get a Free Macbook Air? Easy. I am getting a Free Macbook Air from the FreebieJeebies network and so can you! It's so easy to get free electronics through these easy to follow steps because these companies bank on you thinking they are scams, but once you know how to earn one free gift you can earn them all. If you follow the Simple steps as outline in the url above then you will get a Free Apple Macbook Air. ----------------------------------- I've managed to fight my way through the crowds to get my hands on the new ultrathin free Apple MacBook Air - and yes, it's very very lovely. The first thing you notice is that it looks like a normal MacBook; when it's open, you don't really notice the thinness - it has a nice big 13.3in screen and full size keyboard. Then you pick it up, and you realise that the computer bit seems to be missing. The only laptop I can think of that felt lighter and thinner was the gorgeous but strangely short-lived Sony X505. This free Apple MacBook Air tapers at its edges just like the iPod Nano, giving the impression that it's even thinner than the 0.76 inches that Apple quotes. It's pretty light, too, although at 3lbs it's significantly heavy than that old X505 and as heavy as the Sony TZ series, which features a built-in optical drive. But hey, who needs optical drives? I think the idea of using the drive of a nearby machine is genius, particularly as it works wirelessly and (once software is installed on the machine with the DVD drive) will allow Mac discs to be read on PCs. It'll be interesting to see how slow this feels though - when you're installing a big software suite like Creative Studio it could take a very long time. Still, a lot of software is available for download now anyway, and this could hasten the death of the optical disk. More of a hinderance, it my view, is the single USB port and total lack of FireWire and Ethernet. You can buy a USB Ethernet adapter, but then your one (one!) USB port is gone. Want to use a Superdrive? Better invest in a port replicator - and find a power socket to plug it into. And as for Apple's own FireWire... well, it was on its way out, but I still use it for video editing. Guess that's the end of MiniDV, too - I'll have to switch to a hard-drive videocam with USB 2.0 output. Fortunately this free MacBook Air has introduced the new Time Capsule wireless router/network drive so you won't need to plug in to back up. But nonetheless, can the free Apple MacBook Air really be considered a 'fully featured' laptop with so few connections? This doesn't make me want a free Apple MacBook Air any less. The price (£1200 in the UK or $1800 if I'm lucky enough to still be in the states when it comes out here) is pretty good compared to the £1700 you'll have to pay for the Air's biggest rival, the Sony TZ. But let's not forget the Sony features an optical drive and a smaller form factor, plus an extra hour of quoted battery life, admittedly with a weedier processor. I'll be honest: I'm looking forward to putting the two head to head. But for now, my lust for an ultraportable MacBook is sated

    par kiroshing
    Envoyée le samedi 08 mars 2008 03:45:26
  • 25 Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
    25 Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

    25 Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts by → (Click on the time to go to the shortcut demonstration) 1. ⌘C = Copy (1:32) 2. ⌘V = Paste (2:40) 3. ⌘X = Cut (3:08) 4. ⌘A = Select all (3:34) 5. ⌘Z = Undo (4:05) 6. ⌘⇧Z = Redo (4:49) 7. ⌘Tab = Switch programs (5:15) 8. ⌘` = Next window in current program (5:43) 9. ⌘W = Close window (6:07) 10. ⌘N = New window/document (6:37) 11. ⌘S = Save document (6:55) 12. ⇧⌘S = Save document as... (7:29) 13. ⌘O = Open document (7:58) 14. ⌘P = Print document (8:28) 15. ⌘Q = Quit program (9:04) 16. ⌘Spacebar = Open Spotlight (9:16) 17. ⌘⇧N = Create new Folder (9:39) 18. ⌘Delete = Delete Files (9:52) 19. ⌘⇧Delete = Empty Trash (10:13) 20. ⌘, = Open Preferences (11:01) 21. ⌘←, ⌘→ = Move to start/end of line (11:22) 22. ⌘↑, ⌘↓ = Move to top/bottom of document (11:58) 23. ⌘⇧3 = Capture entire screen (12:30) 24. ⌘⇧4 = Capture custom area (13:01) 25. ⌘⇧4 Spacebar = Capture window (13:46) For a complete list of Mac shortcuts go to: Video tutorial produced by

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  • Apple MacBook Air 2016 unboxing 13 inch [Flipkart]
    Apple MacBook Air 2016 unboxing 13 inch [Flipkart]

    Apple MacBook Air unboxing video purchased from flipkart. This is a 2016 version with 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB SSD 13.3 Inch. It is thin, lightweight and a beast packed inside. i5 5th gen 1.6 GHz Processor makes it a warrior on the go. Over all the visual is amazing, not comes with retina display but trust me you will not able to differentiate. 12 hours of battery life acts as a painkiller. Thank you for watching MacBook Air unboxing video. Stay connected for more future unboxing. Subscribe here: ====Like==Share==Comment==Subscribe====

    par WideAngle
    Envoyée le dimanche 06 novembre 2016 04:35:25
  • FAKE Macbook Air - Airbook 2014 Unboxing - How to spot the differences ! [HD]
    FAKE Macbook Air - Airbook 2014 Unboxing - How to spot the differences ! [HD]

    More interesting china products here ++ +++ Check out our favorite Airbook on AmazonUS: Check out our favorite Airbook on AmazonDE: Check out our favorite Airbook on AmazonUK: Thanks for following +++ +++ Specs Link: *Disclaimer* I DONT Sell those devicesand i´m not affiliated with DHGATE or get comissions. This video is for education only. Hey guys and welcome to a short FAKE Macbook air unboxing. In this video i´ll show you how to spot the differences to a real one. technical specifications: ​ Memory size: 4GB DDR III Capacity: 500GB HDD CPU: Intel D2500 DUAL CORE CPU: Intel D2500 1.86G FSB 667MHZ Diagonal screen size: 14inch Motherboard manufacturer: intel Corporation Main board type: intel Corporation Hill Chipset: NM10 (Tigerpoint) The mainboard slots: 4xPCI Express x1, 1xPCI Express x16 USB support: v2.0 PCI E support: v1.0 BIOS version: 4.6.5 BIOS date: 01/11/2012 The memory type: DDR3 SDRAM Graphics chip: intel GMA 3600/3650 Controller: Serial ATA 3Gb/s Buffer: 8192 KB Display LED HD Screen 1366*768 Wide Screen Yes WIFI & Enthernet Built in RJ-45 10-110M ​ WIFI 802.11B/G Chemical properties: Li The design capacity: 24420 mWh Full charge capacity: 45332 mWh USB Slots USB 2.0 2 Slots Card Reader slots 4 in 1 (SD/MMC/MS/MS-pro) I/O Slots 2*USB ​ 1*DC-IN 1*HDMI 1*HEADPHONE 1*RJ-45 ​ Composite material Silver Color 1.76KG SIZE 349mm×229mm×24.6mm

    par TechMagnet
    Envoyée le jeudi 22 mai 2014 17:33:27
  • $100 Fake Macbook Air/Pro 2017 Clone - The $100 Budget Laptop Good for Gaming? Review
    $100 Fake Macbook Air/Pro 2017 Clone - The $100 Budget Laptop Good for Gaming? Review

    $100 Laptop The MacBook Pro 2017 / MacBook Air Clone! Review Best cheap Budget laptop 2017! In this video, We'll see how good this $100 Macbook clone performs! After testing it out I was surprised how well this laptop performs! This is by far the cheapest laptop I have ever used with great performance! especially for the price! This MacBook clone laptop features 13" display and intel processor! It's, in fact, a really good and cheap gaming laptop! It's a great cheap laptop for gaming! This is by far the best budget laptop for 2017! It's a great budget laptop for students! Wear you're looking for a cheap laptop, a notebook, a MacBook for gaming, student or browsing the internet this laptop will fit everyone's need who's on a tight budget! This apple laptop is the best HD clone! This MacBook air 13 can fit anyone even if you're looking for a MacBook pro or a MacBook air! Cheaper and better performance then iMac or any other old MacBook pro, MacBook air! Similar - $50 Fake MacBook Pro vs $1,500 MacBook Pro Subscribe to Royal Teach and Follow us on - macbook air, macbook air clone, clone macbook, $100 macbook, fake macbook pro, 100 dollar macbook, fake macbook air, macbook fake, macbook replica, Looking for a notebook, gaming computer, laptop computer, laptop notebook, desktop computer or any other high-performance apple product but can't afford them! this is by far the best budget option! If you're looking for a cheap on budget windows laptop as a student or gaming! running windows 10 but also want the look of a MacBook air! good performance, think and light weight on a budget! Specs Listed by seller - Item specifics Model: 737S often Edition Size; 13.3 inches Color: Silver CPU: Intel Bay Trail-T quad-core Processor speed: 1.33GHZ-1.83GHZ Storage capacity: 32G Expand support: Micro SD (up to 128G) System Memory: 2GB DDR3L Camera: Front 30W Screen resolution: 192 09*1080 USB Interface: USB * 2 Function: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, OTG, HDMI Battery capacity: 5500MAh Charging Interface: DC charging Camera: 335.5mm * 223.5mm * 10.48mm Weight: 1160G Features: 1 if thin blade 2.4K HD IPS screen playback. 3.EMMC second speed of the hard disk boot 4. The dual speakers. 5. A removable hard disk can be accessed Music by Tobu Contact us - (Business inquiries ONLY)

    par Royal Tech
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  • New Apple MacBook Air 11"(2011): Unboxing and Demo
    New Apple MacBook Air 11"(2011): Unboxing and Demo

    The updated 2011 MacBook Air picks up a backlighted keyboard, Sandy Bridge Intel CPUs, and Thunderbolt. Here is an unboxing and bootup! Specs: MSRP: $1,199 CPU: Intel Core i5 1.6GHZ RAM: 4GB SSD: 128GB Graphics: Intel HD 3000 Apple: Amazon (cheaper!): Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Ping: MichaelKukielka Follow me on GameCenter: DetroitBORG E-mail me: Subscribe:

    par DetroitBORG
    Envoyée le jeudi 21 juillet 2011 12:21:02
  • Apple MacBook Air 2010 Storage Upgrade 1 - Sandisk Ultra 64GB USB Flash Drive
    Apple MacBook Air 2010 Storage Upgrade 1 - Sandisk Ultra 64GB USB Flash Drive

    Apple MacBook Air 2010 Storage Upgrade 1 - Sandisk Ultra 64GB USB Flash Drive. Save some money and don't buy the 256GB version of the MacBook Air! In this video I show you an alternative. Buy your MacBook Air here Useful Links Supplied by: Sponsor: YouTube Channel: Website: Twitter: Any Amazon links that appear in the video description are affiliate links. They do not alter the price you pay. Geekanoids earns a small commission on each sale.

    par Geekanoids
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  • Official Apple MacBook Air (Late 2010) Video
    Official Apple MacBook Air (Late 2010) Video

    This is the new MacBook Air video. Steve Jobs unveiled the latest MacBook Air series today (20/10/2010) at Apple's Back to the Mac event. It is available for purchase right now from the Apple Store. For more information, visit The song is One Day Like This by Elbow. To purchase: Found via SoundHound ∞

    par Dan Wise
    Envoyée le mercredi 20 octobre 2010 14:21:42
  • Beginner's Guide On How To Use A Mac Part 1: The Switch From PC To Mac
    Beginner's Guide On How To Use A Mac Part 1: The Switch From PC To Mac

    I will be showing you how to use a mac. This will serve as a beginner's guide on how to use a mac, especially for those people that are starting to make the switch from PC to Mac. It will show you everything you need to know to get started on your mac. If you like this then please check out the other 3 parts, rate comment, "react" and subscribe. Also, if you want to know how to do something on a mac, just message me or leave a comment and I will make a video answering your question. :D ________________________ This channel is dedicated to making minecraft videos and Mac tutorials. I'm just starting out so any support would be greatly appreciated! Please subscribe for more content. Leave feedback in the comments whether it be good, bad, or a problem :D

    par MiningforMac
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  • Tested In-Depth: Apple 11-Inch MacBook Air (2013)
    Tested In-Depth: Apple 11-Inch MacBook Air (2013)

    Will and Norm sit down to review Apple's new 11-inch MacBook Air. This year's model runs Intel's new Haswell processor, which gives it much longer battery life than previous models and faster gaming graphics. We discuss which spec configuration makes sense, and whether this laptop is worth the upgrade.

    par Tested
    Envoyée le jeudi 27 juin 2013 19:17:09
  • Gold MacBook unboxing | iJustine
    Gold MacBook unboxing | iJustine

    ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: ► Get my BOOK! ► Get my iOS 10 STICKERS! ▼ SOCIAL Snapchat: iJustine ———————————— ▼ STUFF I USE TO MAKE VIDEOS Sony rx100 V - G7X ii - Canon 80D - Sony A7s ii - Sony a6500 - GoPro Hero 5 - GoPro Hero 5 Session - Favorite lenses: Canon EF 24-70mm - Canon EF-S 10-18mm - Sony 16-35mm (full frame) - Sony Distagon 35mm (full frame) - Sony 10-18mm wide angle - Rode Small on camera microphone - Rode Larger (battery required) microphone - Sony XLR adapter Microphone - Small Sony Microphone - Favorite SD Card - DJI Mavic Pro - Phantom 4 Pro - Phantom 4 Pro Plus -

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  • Unboxing a MacBook Air
    Unboxing a MacBook Air

    Extremely geeky.

    par desenso44
    Envoyée le jeudi 31 janvier 2008 15:37:56
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