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  • YouTube AdSense Earnings & The Great Depression of 2017 ✅
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    Envoyée le jeudi 06 avril 2017 03:50:14
    par Chris in Cebu
    Vue 4901 fois

    YouTube AdSense Earnings & The Great Depression of 2017

    My monthly AdSense earnings report for March 2017 & some thoughts regarding what's going on with the Google advertiser boycott. How will it affect the YouTube community? Only time will tell :)

    If anyone would like to help support the channel feel free to check out my Patreon page:

    For a one-time contribution PayPal ID is

    Keywords: AdSense, YouTube, 2017, Advertiser, Ads, Boycott, Content Creator, Depression, Great Depression, Travel, Asia, Philippines, Cebu, Cebu City, Expat

    Music Artist: TeknoAxe

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  • C Porter

    Can you do a video on the bullcrap copywrites?
    lundi 28 août 2017 15:49:12
  • Галина Сорокина

    If you are having problems to generate an income from ad-sense, Simply just google search: *adsenseapproval4u software*. These folks will help you actually to get started to make a profit from ad-sense, i possibly can assure you actually for them. Now i'm earning $100 daily coming from google adsense. Genuinely helpfull folks.
    jeudi 10 août 2017 03:24:21
  • QweenWolf

    so basically iv earnt money and it hasn't showed in my adsense does it update every month
    lundi 10 juillet 2017 04:26:27
  • JuanJamba

    we're looking for how to set up not for you to make us feel bad
    mardi 04 juillet 2017 23:27:26
  • Perfect Entity

    How do you reply to comments on your video without clicking on your own ads?
    dimanche 28 mai 2017 18:55:56
  • LucyDeAntigua Tarot

    Thanks so much for sharing --a really great reference point for me....cheers
    jeudi 18 mai 2017 22:59:08
  • Amanda

    your really sweet and cute I just sub to you.
    jeudi 04 mai 2017 16:34:07
  • Steven C

    Chris can you make a video of Cebu's red light district late at night? I think most of us will appreciated
    mardi 02 mai 2017 23:29:14
  • Light Worker

    So for every 50,000 views u would make $150.00?? Would that be accurate? Congrats on your earnings I bet that money will last in the Philippines 😊
    lundi 17 avril 2017 03:00:12
  • Nikki Bhatnagar

    in india 50000 views = 40 to 45dollars ,😢
    samedi 15 avril 2017 00:27:35
  • Eugene Mans

    I am a vlogger from Cebu too, 3,026th subscriber :)
    jeudi 13 avril 2017 16:28:33
  • Tony Tony

    what year is this... 2001? who the hell does not use adblockers lol? you should look into getting a real job instead of being a bum.
    mardi 11 avril 2017 05:36:19
  • Bill J

    Thanks for showing us your private YouTube account. That's a whole lot of work for $155 a month
    lundi 10 avril 2017 09:14:26
  • thatmaninblack

    Wow. 50k views, 155 dollars? I also have 50 k / month and I only get $30 . :-( Well, at this point I would happy to get 30. Looks like it's going to be more like $5 from now. :-(
    dimanche 09 avril 2017 21:41:31
  • the Grubby Pirate

    I think your view duration is great and without a doubt your channel is always as honest as it gets. Good job Chris.
    dimanche 09 avril 2017 20:59:25
  • Mista_Lava

    Candid, transparent and honest, as always Chris.
    dimanche 09 avril 2017 12:03:49
  • BigBadSpikey

    Nice explanation on the analytics.
    dimanche 09 avril 2017 06:24:12
  • Sargon Summera

    Hi Chris i just want to ask you. how are u paying your bills in the Philippines are u working there or u go back to Usa ?
    dimanche 09 avril 2017 02:24:24
  • Cheap Charlie Chronicles

    I've had a problem where a lot of my smaller videos were earning between 25 to 50 cents a day (which added up to a lot) and it has dropped down to basically zero since March 25th. I'm only earning money from two videos at the moment. Perhaps some of my videos were flagged as controversial, I don't know but I don't think earning should be zero on some videos that are getting 500 views per day. It is ridiculous but in my opinion one can only survive and adapt or perish.
    samedi 08 avril 2017 13:52:49
  • Paul Mccarthur

    Chris,(new sub here).....You obviously cant live on $155 per month....and you look too young for Social you live?
    vendredi 07 avril 2017 19:39:12
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