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  • Venezuela violence shows no signs of abating says UN human rights office
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    Envoyée le mardi 08 août 2017 10:54:35
    par United Nations
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    The UN human rights office urges Venezuela's national security forces to handling protests in line with international humanitarian law.

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  • Amarjeet Singh

    sir - my full life spent in courts in india - no relief - no relief expected in my life time - pray send human right inspectors to inspect my cases
    mardi 08 août 2017 21:15:47
  • Vance H

    Sharing, Justice and Peace for All.
    mardi 08 août 2017 18:12:29
  • Goran Misic

    police is in for ordering but different is peace keeper for conflict arms beffor diplomaty
    mardi 08 août 2017 10:58:15
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