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  • USL LIVE - OKC Energy FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2 9/10/17
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    Envoyée le dimanche 10 septembre 2017 19:17:37
    par United Soccer League
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    OKC Energy FC looks to pave their way to the playoffs when they hosted Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2 at Taft Stadium.
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  • victor carbajal

    Hi guys from USL. My name is Victor, I'm a football fan and I took the audacity to comment on this match. The first thing to say is that the tie was not fair, OKC was always on the attack, never lowered his arms but his sin was in the final 20 meters, he could not define highly favorable situations, sometimes for own mistakes and others for virtues of the rival defense or even for a very inspired afternoon of the Vancouver goalkeeper. He tried to assert his supremacy in the aerial game, especially in the corner shots, but always found answer of the Canadian defense. In the final minutes, OKC was exposed to the counterattacks of the rival, all resolved in bad way by impericia or by bad decisions of the attackers of the Candiense equipment, showing the defensive fragilities of the local equipment. The final result is bad business for both, making clear because the two squads are outside the playoff. Greetings from Montevideo, Uruguay.
    jeudi 14 septembre 2017 14:40:38
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