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  • Thomas Sowell WIPES THE FLOOR with Barack Obama
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    Envoyée le jeudi 10 août 2017 02:59:45
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    Thomas Sowell WIPES THE FLOOR with Barack Obama

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  • Deena K
    mardi 21 novembre 2017 00:08:45
  • maria sierra

    Hussein is a fraud,never a real American president. He works for the muslims not America
    dimanche 19 novembre 2017 12:54:20
  • IIExhibitAII

    I still find it funny that they removed the man that portrayed satan in 'Son of God" cause he looked like their shit hero B. Insane Obozo..
    vendredi 17 novembre 2017 19:48:02
  • Marcy Clay

    Spot on Mr.Sowell and unfortunately his destruction will continue on for a very long time if its not too late already. Praying for our country and our children...
    jeudi 16 novembre 2017 04:43:33
  • David Gonzalez

    Damn I wish my intelligence was on this level man, I literally feel like a retard listening to this man talk!...smh
    jeudi 16 novembre 2017 01:31:38
  • Jake and Midge

    Obama is the WORSE president in History.. He is DISGUSTING to say the least... corrupt to the bone... he cared NOTHING about America or the American people... He is STILL trying to hurt this country...
    dimanche 12 novembre 2017 19:22:48
  • Michael E. Kaminski

    Love him.
    vendredi 10 novembre 2017 01:29:18
  • demarcation

    America needs more black Americans like this man. Mr. Thomas Sowell. Excellent
    mercredi 08 novembre 2017 10:01:40
  • Dac Tucker

    How much profit, has this pathetic little man made, other than the Hoover Institute? A paid intellectual slut.
    mardi 07 novembre 2017 02:29:31
  • Dac Tucker

    Thomas Sowell, is a serving serving intellectual BITCH!
    lundi 06 novembre 2017 22:38:58
  • Elijah El

    Worst American President.
    samedi 04 novembre 2017 17:37:24
  • Elijah cesspoole

    Obama comes from a religious cult run by a racist preacher named Jeramiah Wright. Jeramiah Wright is a friend of Farrakhan whose nation of islam cult is based solely on white genocide. Obama should be tried for treason and publicly executed.
    samedi 04 novembre 2017 00:09:08
  • Ar Con

    This is one of those professor types who actually understands history on an extremely deep level. I wish we could clone him and put one in every university.
    mercredi 01 novembre 2017 04:21:37
  • Rambo Bell

    We Are Not The One's That Suppose To Protect The Government, The Government Is Corrupted
    samedi 28 octobre 2017 11:21:27
  • david Anderson

    Our liberalized educational systems have single handedly morphed our society into mindless play babies, fearful of critical thinking, detached from reality, historically and socially ignorant. The mass fake news cable networks and Hollywood then comes in to psychologically finish their minds off.....just think and do what you’re told and don’t ask questions ya filthy servant or we’ll ridicule, excommunicate and possibly arrest your ass if you question our authorityyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
    samedi 28 octobre 2017 07:20:34
  • Jeannie Hargis

    Love Thomas Sowell! If blacks would listen to Mr Sowell racism would fade away as we could live in peace as people who are colorblind.
    vendredi 27 octobre 2017 20:45:42
  • Jima Alex

    Lol Two old fools who are near death talking about how bad Obama is..well, I wonder what they will say with Trump.
    jeudi 26 octobre 2017 23:57:11
  • Chris Harper

    Dang! The dude is a prophet extraodinaire.
    jeudi 26 octobre 2017 16:30:36
  • Michael Olsen

    I fell for the campaign rhetoric and had hope in Obama's words. I like everyone else was fooled. Obama did more to hurt us than to help us as a Country. I would be in jail if i did the things he has done. I am so mad and disappointed in ALL politicians.
    mercredi 25 octobre 2017 14:38:22
  • mahbin

    Ha, Ha!
    mercredi 25 octobre 2017 14:23:35
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