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  • The Smallest Woman In The World
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    Envoyée le jeudi 05 janvier 2012 04:16:12
    par Barcroft TV
    Vue 20072015 fois

    The Smallest Woman In The World - Jyoti Amge

    A girl the size of a large watermelon became the world's smallest woman after turning 18 today (FRIDAY). Tiny two feet tall Jyoti Amge, of Nagpur, India, celebrated the occasion with a birthday cake almost as big as her. Jyoti, who was already widely regarded as the world's smallest girl, is anxiously waiting for confirmation she has grabbed the title from 2ft 3in American record holder Bridgette Jordan.

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  • Dipti Shrivastava

    she is so cute😊😊😊😄😄😄😄
    samedi 22 juillet 2017 11:04:35
  • Ranja Heikari

    She is so cute!!!!
    samedi 22 juillet 2017 04:34:24
  • Victoria Rodriguez

    I thought she was a baby :O
    vendredi 21 juillet 2017 22:45:15
  • M ASIF

    cite kite pare ho ap
    vendredi 21 juillet 2017 12:18:49
  • momina Fatima

    Bhot pyaari ha
    vendredi 21 juillet 2017 11:04:02
  • Hardeep Singh

    The most positive smile and gorgeous face i have ever seen ! WAHEGURU bless her and always keep her happy.
    vendredi 21 juillet 2017 10:05:55
  • Islam Khan

    so cute smile ase hi khush rehna hmesha
    vendredi 21 juillet 2017 08:31:01
  • ahmad ahmad

    very cute baby sorry women
    vendredi 21 juillet 2017 08:10:22
  • Gregarious3

    Though life that to have a husband, he would be looked at like a he was a pedophile unless he was of similar circumstance. A real shame, she has a very nice personality.
    vendredi 21 juillet 2017 01:34:08
  • Sabrina Alexander10 rules

    She is really pretty
    vendredi 21 juillet 2017 00:23:20
  • frankisback774

    Some how she reminds me of mini me from Austin powers
    jeudi 20 juillet 2017 16:59:55
  • Sadaf Najeeb

    But she's cute
    jeudi 20 juillet 2017 14:50:17
  • hanzal nadewnLa

    what is age please moja koi batay gha
    jeudi 20 juillet 2017 10:15:24
  • Miraj Sweeti

    jeudi 20 juillet 2017 09:15:32
  • mukhethwa tshivhidzo

    so pretty
    jeudi 20 juillet 2017 03:51:33
  • sumi chowdhury

    hat's of to her mom that she loves her daughter so much and even she is cutyyyyy
    jeudi 20 juillet 2017 02:04:00
  • Jess Barker

    she is so cute
    jeudi 20 juillet 2017 01:31:06
  • Zaria Fatima

    mercredi 19 juillet 2017 18:17:01
  • Farahat Shaikh

    Non believable
    mercredi 19 juillet 2017 13:16:03
  • Xhesika Shabanej

    ποσο χρονον ειναι
    mercredi 19 juillet 2017 09:38:30
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