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  • The Chase | FULL MOVIE | (Nottingham Based Film)
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    Envoyée le jeudi 20 mars 2014 12:05:37
    par RayleighSho
    Vue 3079442 fois

    Read description:

    Created by young people in Nottingham and inspired by real life experiences.

    I do not own this film, i uploaded it so people who can't get a hold of the copy get to watch it (theres currently only a 30min version for people to watch online)... credits are at the end of the film big thanks to- and everyone else who was in this film.

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  • Spary _192

    Fam is in every single sentence of this movie
    dimanche 19 novembre 2017 14:53:31
  • hari kasbia

    Man got arrested on the bottom of Carlton road then got taken to the bottom of snienton road like 2 seconds away and he say we’re are we going like they been driving for hours 😂
    dimanche 19 novembre 2017 03:02:54
  • Alexandra Uwera

    Good film and some children have it hard man!
    mardi 14 novembre 2017 15:40:22
  • thelastdon247

    i wasn't expecting much when i put this on but i have to say i enjoyed it, decent script well directed and edited. i just read the comment about it been done by a youth work org. if that's the case more power to you all. defo worthy off a follow up. good job
    mardi 14 novembre 2017 12:17:07
  • The One

    Do you no where I can find any one on taking part in a storyline for a music video ?
    lundi 13 novembre 2017 17:17:35
  • The Perfect Magnetic

    you guys and gals are amazing! great job mad love too you all! Peace and Love mates!
    dimanche 12 novembre 2017 04:35:31
  • Ryan Scott

    That was great
    vendredi 10 novembre 2017 17:30:26
  • hari kasbia

    All the white people in this film are bums. Just sayin
    vendredi 10 novembre 2017 02:34:13
  • GrumpyGrebo

    lundi 06 novembre 2017 19:13:09
  • D Archie

    This movie was pretty good, what would've made it even better is showing how knowing how to use Jesus power and wisdom to be an overcomer.........that would be a great part 2. This movie does inform you how life can be complicated with a lack of funds and a dysfunctional family while being a minor....... mission accomplished.
    lundi 06 novembre 2017 03:47:10
  • Peter Stryjecki

    i really enjoyed the movie, actors really good & original, basic town setting, would be nice to see follow ups to this one, i'm intrigued to see how all plans out with everyone involved in there lives, would be a good series with episodes like the BBC, it was different & thankyou to all involved, Great Talent.
    dimanche 05 novembre 2017 08:10:25
  • mob

    54:01 "we ain't fam" but then after says "you're moist fam"
    mercredi 01 novembre 2017 14:06:03
  • NHEFF09

    been done hundred times
    samedi 28 octobre 2017 16:53:52
  • Keith Daultrey

    sick project big up all the talent in notts, bless
    mercredi 25 octobre 2017 17:08:33
  • tempt edɪts

    i live in nottingham ,and wear the same school uniform as the yute at the start
    mercredi 25 octobre 2017 09:12:18
  • snoh

    i live in Nottingham and its a pile of wank
    mardi 24 octobre 2017 16:25:08
  • Anthony Morgan

    Brixton accents in Notts lol
    mardi 24 octobre 2017 16:11:38
  • Darth Nihilus

    The fucking police he cant do that if hes not done anything wrong
    lundi 23 octobre 2017 21:43:16
  • Jordan Partridge

    This was good but confusing at some points
    mercredi 18 octobre 2017 12:24:48
  • Cobra Studio Alvin

    What was in that box
    lundi 16 octobre 2017 14:13:09
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