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  • The Chase | FULL MOVIE | (Nottingham Based Film)
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    Envoyée le jeudi 20 mars 2014 12:05:37
    par RayleighSho
    Vue 2416585 fois

    Read description:

    Created by young people in Nottingham and inspired by real life experiences.

    I do not own this film, i uploaded it so people who can't get a hold of the copy get to watch it (theres currently only a 30min version for people to watch online)... credits are at the end of the film big thanks to- and everyone else who was in this film.

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  • iitsManii

    watching this living in nottingham
    vendredi 24 février 2017 00:57:50
  • Kazmin Xx

    Them fucking police ppl make me wanna fucking smash my phone ffs
    jeudi 23 février 2017 08:44:30
  • Jai De'ath

    the ending?!?! can't do that! need a part 2! :)
    mardi 21 février 2017 10:21:47
  • Angie Duncan

    im a 46 year old woman and iv'e just watched this and its very real and true to life whats happening on todays streets well done the producers and actors in this film
    mardi 21 février 2017 07:25:47
  • ambision

    Probably the best thing I've seen since top boy, really disappointed about the ending after all that build up
    lundi 20 février 2017 23:03:19
  • uk 0121

    this flim is toooooooo certi 💯💯😝
    lundi 20 février 2017 21:37:35
  • Suleman Rashid Iddrissu

    Good but ending was terrible,
    dimanche 19 février 2017 20:04:35
  • Ester Bautista

    This Is Crazy, Its Good
    samedi 18 février 2017 21:46:25
  • EyLix

    Luther lived, his brother started a family, Key gave Max a fresh start.. there's your happy ending. it must be, after I watched honeytrap and kidulthood :) love how kye is caring to his brother..
    samedi 18 février 2017 20:27:15
  • alex richards

    I especially like the part with the social worker.. 'it doesn't meet the threshold' too true!! as if the abusive parents are going to be like 'yeah yeah we treat our kids like sh1t and beat them' shinning example of the under funded system and the people who get into the job for the paycheck and don't have any real aspirations to help change the lives of young people (not all social workers) which is really why they should be in the job in the first place
    samedi 18 février 2017 15:00:30
  • alex richards

    don't defend your work to @rseholes at least youre doing something productive!! I personally thought it was semi professional wouldn't have guessed it was amateur with no budget.... thumbs up, keep plugging away and before you no the critics on here who probably do nothing with their spare time will be a million miles away
    samedi 18 février 2017 14:55:23
  • Jess.Brown. .disses

    This is class 👌🏻
    vendredi 17 février 2017 18:39:37
  • MadTing

    my favourite movie ever
    jeudi 16 février 2017 18:20:47
  • Yusra T

    Bruv you can't leave man hangin like that. where's the ending?
    samedi 11 février 2017 08:58:45
  • Danielle Harris

    The Feds? Do people in the UK know what the Feds are? Or do y'all just like the word and use it like slang? and don't you guys have a parliament? seems like the student became the master 😏
    vendredi 10 février 2017 23:12:09
  • Marlon Christie

    Very interesting, it shows one aspect of the society and its implications. This encourages the youths to do something more meaningful with their life. One question though. Are these actors Jamaicans? I am hearing a little Jamaican Accent and slang. I do not know much about England, so I do not know if this is a every day slangs.
    mardi 07 février 2017 14:46:27
  • Lewis Fitzpatrick

    film is nang nothing happens
    vendredi 03 février 2017 20:46:25
  • MadTing

    fave movie
    jeudi 02 février 2017 17:26:46
  • Raymond Raymond

    The worst ending ever !!!
    jeudi 02 février 2017 04:00:32
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