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  • SEO For Dummies: How To Rank In Google
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    Envoyée le jeudi 17 octobre 2013 10:00:51
    par Lazy Ass Stoner
    Vue 470288 fois

    So what is SEO and how can you use it to get your sites to rank in Google? Well in this video I'll explain it all to you - in plain English.

    I'll show you the simple SEO tips and techniques that I use to get all of my niche sites to rank in the top spots of Google so that I can make constant sales through various affiliate programs.

    This video is part of a 'crash course' for new affiliate marketers that I put together which you can find here:

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  • Burlesque Baller

    By drop it in here and there he means Title, H1, 1st Sentence Italicized, Meta Desc, Meta Title,, alt info on images, and in the content not to exceed 2.5%. Glad I could help :D
    vendredi 20 octobre 2017 12:47:46
  • Free Online Courses

    Great. I also have a SEO course
    vendredi 20 octobre 2017 01:10:27
  • Edu Randigah

    your risking a lot some people will copy your mentalism.. but great idea to learn from a stoner happy 4:20
    jeudi 19 octobre 2017 08:29:55
  • Danielle Miles

    Super helpful! Especially to those of us that don't understand the basics
    mercredi 18 octobre 2017 19:02:39
  • Christopher Powell

    Oi Oi Oi Nice work Lazy Ass Stoner - Awesome Aussie SEO Know How on Display. Update on getting backlinks from the popular kids? Your subscribers may be interested in getting those links..... LITERALLY from CNN, FOXnews, YahooFinance(DA100), Reuters (DA97), NBC, CBS, Washington Post, Associated Press, LexisNexis, SproutNews and more . Imagine getting a whack of backlinks from those cool kids. How about getting these popular kids to syndicate the backlinks through their own entourage of affiliates? For about AU$1 buck each, Aussie company Evolver will DFY write, publish and distribute a bonafide press release to big brand mass media where it will be syndicated to hundreds of media outlets. Google guaranteed to count at least 400 of them! Here's the dope bit. Not only can you use your headline to rank for any term. Let's say you're the local hydroponics shop business with a Google My Business listing. Well each press release has your Business name, Address and Phone number (NAP) on it. It is these occurrences of your NAP that Google is counting as votes when deciding who appears in the local pack. Order their D.F.Y service, kick back and chillax. No Bullshit results in 72 hours!
    mercredi 18 octobre 2017 03:17:25
  • Gery Urban

    This dude is awesome! I didn't understand SEO before now I do. His hand gestures are like a president's hand :) If he runs for president I'll vote for him :))))
    mardi 17 octobre 2017 01:26:28
  • Connie Barlow

    hello LAS, love you, you know how to teach, I have been looking, asking, begging for 2mo, NO ONE WANTS TO HELP A NEWBIE. I hit your link for your course but it never came to my email...repeated 5 times...can you email me again PLEASE thank you!!!!
    vendredi 13 octobre 2017 00:04:03
  • Rodney Smith

    "A shit load of money." lmao
    lundi 09 octobre 2017 11:10:26
  • Abhishek Patil
    samedi 07 octobre 2017 04:11:21
  • Patricia Norman

    Well what can I say - WOW !!!!!!!! That was great. I'm 60 + and I found that the video that I thought was going to be complicated was brilliant. So all I can say is thank you.
    jeudi 05 octobre 2017 19:56:10
  • Shane Perry

    mardi 03 octobre 2017 14:30:56
  • MontanaUS

    Smash that like button #excitesubmit
    dimanche 01 octobre 2017 04:33:58
  • Michael Turner

    Nice info! Thank you!
    mercredi 27 septembre 2017 09:20:48
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    mardi 26 septembre 2017 20:52:54
  • sercan turna

    Check your website's performance and search engine optimization with
    lundi 25 septembre 2017 18:47:42
  • Mack Mate . Com

    Excellent advice thanks 🙏
    dimanche 24 septembre 2017 10:46:43
  • Humaiz Ali

    please visit my website and more people share
    dimanche 24 septembre 2017 02:11:14
  • Image lush

    I never use backlinks. and yet I rank my clients videos every time.
    mercredi 20 septembre 2017 06:49:01
  • Ramindu Randeni

    Awesome stuff.. for the fun of it, adjust the speed to 0.5 and move to 12:00 to see how he was speaking the day before the video was published ;)
    mardi 19 septembre 2017 03:50:49
  • Taryn Voss

    when i put the closed captions on it wrote "lazy arse donut" when you said lazy ass stoner. i laughed so hard
    mardi 19 septembre 2017 00:33:37
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