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  • President Barack Obama's Farewell Address (Full Speech) | NBC News
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    Envoyée le mardi 10 janvier 2017 22:10:00
    par NBC News
    Vue 2926748 fois

    As President Barack Obama's time in office comes to a close, he will deliver his Farewell Address from Chicago.
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    President Barack Obama's Farewell Address (Full Speech) | NBC News

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  • Yajaira Ramos

    After he rise up are country n are economy, after he did everything he cut n against the ads, The world said thanks u , for be amazing role model not just for us but for the world, thanks to him are country came back to life, n send the message to the world , the he its the command chief a men of character, the way he did his job remarkable, We not just let him down but also let down are country n those the lost their life so u n me n are kids have a future, After all that n are country choose a thief, racist in a simple word this Hitler!!!!! Well look around thanks to them look the mess ,well thanks to all the vote for this s!!!!t look what u help to destroy everything n everyone this its how all u help to created this chaos, thank for f--k are world n are future
    vendredi 15 septembre 2017 20:13:16
  • Sean Powell

    Worst president ever
    jeudi 14 septembre 2017 11:57:08
  • Matthew Curtis

    History will show this man as one of the greatest. Thank you Mr President.
    mercredi 13 septembre 2017 21:26:50
  • Basheer Uddin
    mercredi 30 août 2017 16:15:14
  • Basheer Uddin

    mercredi 30 août 2017 16:14:50
  • JD Ministeries

    This guy is a disgrace to this country and has allowed laws that are against God. You all will soon see his true colors. Also compare his face to Osama's. Not that hard to figure that out. God bless
    samedi 26 août 2017 09:20:00
  • Nguyễn Vũ

    I don't live in US,but i really like Obama because of his positive thinking,that make me think everything is possible as long as you believe what you do.
    samedi 26 août 2017 04:51:50
  • B

    I know an Uncle Tom when I see one
    vendredi 25 août 2017 02:53:47
  • Kyren Smith

    We love and miss you
    mercredi 23 août 2017 04:10:34
  • Angel Messtanoffski

    Up to bat (bat, bat, bat), number 3 (3, 3, 3), Barack (Barack, Barack, Barack) Obama (Obama, Obama, Obama) ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO
    mardi 22 août 2017 07:22:29
  • josh's bullet club

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out, oh wait I don't care if it hits you
    vendredi 18 août 2017 21:38:04
  • ghettoblaster36

    jeudi 17 août 2017 00:02:52
  • Tokarra Mcfeer

    mardi 15 août 2017 11:26:07
  • Khanh Le

    khá đau đấy ông bạn.cuoc song rat cong bang.toi phắn đâ co nguoi khac giai quyet voi ong day
    lundi 14 août 2017 06:57:03
  • Janet Johnson

    You honest???
    mardi 08 août 2017 12:10:06
  • ekrupa2010

    I watch this and cannot help but feel that he knew (of course) what we know now. So he was like a parent leaving the teenager alone in the house for the first time, because the teen is old enough, and the parent has to. But the parent is still very worried :(
    vendredi 04 août 2017 18:50:50
  • Bernard Jackson

    mercredi 02 août 2017 15:47:14
  • Hancockst1

    Everything Donald Trump could never be.  God bless this man.  What a gem.
    mardi 01 août 2017 00:11:20
  • Matt K

    That's right! Obama was a good president!
    lundi 17 juillet 2017 15:41:08
  • Vizora Cloud

    For someone who supported Trump, sure do wish Obama was able to run again. Trump has now attacked daca and legal immigrants. This is not the America I want, it seems this administration is about white pride. I have nothing against legal immigrants. Now the cutbacks on the poor but an obscene increase on military spending. The opioids drug problem is now a epidemic because it effects white people. When the crack epidemic was ravaging the inner cities in the eighties the answer was to lock the minorities up!!! Now that white people are hooked on opioids it is the fault of Mexicans and Asians taking their jobs!!! What a double standard!!! President Obama the country sure does miss you. Hopefully Mark Cuban will run and we get this white nationalist party out.
    vendredi 14 juillet 2017 21:07:20
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