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  • President Barack Obama Owns Anthony Scaramucci | All In | MSNBC
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    Envoyée le vendredi 21 juillet 2017 21:03:58
    par MSNBC
    Vue 724466 fois

    Back in September 2010, then hedge fund manager Anthony Scaramucci asked a question at a CNBC town hall with President Obama. The President did not agree with Scaramucci's point - far from it - and offered a five-plus minute response to explain why.
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    President Barack Obama Owns Anthony Scaramucci | All In | MSNBC

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  • Barack Obama

    I murdered him
    dimanche 15 octobre 2017 11:50:03
  • tyler peterson

    Yeah we miss the weakling and the Tranny.. Not Hahaha, thank God they are out of the White House. Now the clean up begins..
    jeudi 12 octobre 2017 15:41:14
  • 1800 Ramirez
    vendredi 06 octobre 2017 16:37:08
  • KenTheTruthSeeker

    owns? what kind language is this? Shame on you msnbc sounds childish
    jeudi 05 octobre 2017 22:46:05
  • Ming HUANG

    A pure leader, Obama is the best president America ever had. Comparing Donald Trump to Obama is an utter joke
    samedi 30 septembre 2017 18:22:40
  • Deb Dub

    NObama needs to just GO AWAY already
    mercredi 27 septembre 2017 17:50:31
  • Creation proof

    mercredi 20 septembre 2017 12:27:40
  • William Oakes

    Barack has always had the right lines, and he did intercede in the depression the American Right lead us to (as McCain was cheering it on), preventing an absolute collapse. However, the outcome of the incessant sellouts that followed, to big banks, big money, and every monopoly that has a name, and of his party; his concessions to Citizens United, and then to the GOP boycott of his Supreme Court nominee, have simply substituted a slow collapse for all, except the so called 1%, with this as an endpoint (including an accidental and psychopathic president).
    mardi 19 septembre 2017 15:40:14
  • Adam Adams

    Non-white America is ghetto.
    lundi 18 septembre 2017 16:39:23
  • Dylan Boland

    I'm a Trump supporter but I've got to admit I liked Obama too, I just think Americans on the Left should just let Trump's presidency finish peacefully, we're already almost done a year, his term will pass, then you can vote for who you'd like after his term, until then please stop being so hateful, the Right dealt with eight years of Obama so the least you can do is deal with three and a quarter more years of Trump.
    samedi 16 septembre 2017 15:46:27
  • Sean Powell

    Can you handle the truth? 7:25 minute of the video Obama slips that he has a muslim faith. He Lied to America from the beginning.... God only knows what he has covered up since. I know he has been trying to destroy America.....If you are very smart you will watch the whole video and be red pilled.
    vendredi 15 septembre 2017 00:56:03
  • andrew joseph

    fan DAN GOs to the white house to brag to the world play pin WORM ball wizard !@(-(-( DAY PIPE IT
    mardi 05 septembre 2017 08:49:42
  • Jerome Alcatraz

    I will support 100% this president if he takes out the N-Korean beast! Even defend him if there was collusion with Rusia, maybe it was the way it was suppose to be. To get NKorea. So there it is. A new start if he does what needs to be done. That will put Iran on notice, you might be next.
    dimanche 03 septembre 2017 23:26:23
  • Michael DeSilvio

    Trump could DESTROY Barry Sodomite Sotoero as simply as having him audited and vetted.
    jeudi 24 août 2017 11:08:22
  • özgür uras akkoyun

    You got rekt by XxX_obama360noscope_XxX
    mercredi 23 août 2017 22:04:39
  • danoto1000

    lundi 21 août 2017 21:44:37
  • Mytibility

    Eg elskar Obama!
    lundi 21 août 2017 04:59:09
  • Valerie

    Obama isn't " President".
    dimanche 20 août 2017 19:45:27
  • SIoyvenheaven1

    Where's the part where Obama owns Scaramucci?
    dimanche 20 août 2017 12:49:41
  • Callandor

    When America had a real president. Now you guys have a Clown.
    dimanche 20 août 2017 11:14:41
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