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  • Kracie - happy kitchen #4 - Mini Burger, French fries
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    Envoyée le mercredi 18 avril 2012 00:43:47
    par RRcherrypie
    Vue 36240337 fois

    ▼In Japan, the patty itself is called a "hamburg (hanbāgu)".

    Product name: ハッピーキッチン ハンバーガー (It cost 258 yen.)
    Brand: Kracie
    (1) It is edible. No artificial colours. No preservatives. It includes chicken and pork in a part of raw materials. 96 calories.
    (2) It tastes like real hamburger, bread, cheese, ketchup, french fries and cola. I ate it after filming. It tasted good.
    (3) It is the microwavable container. You can't put the ordinary plastic container into the microwave.
    (4) 3:59 I was using Konapun tools to make a mini burger.
    (5) 4:41 It is the decorative wax paper.

    - - - - -
    Japonské hamburgery v prášku
    համբուրգերներ տարբեր նյութերից(համեղ է)
    Будущие японские фаст-фуд

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  • Rio De Meulder

    Bought this but it taste like shit
    mardi 19 septembre 2017 14:28:50
  • Habeba Abdo

    mardi 19 septembre 2017 14:00:12
  • Robie De guzman

    So cute
    lundi 18 septembre 2017 07:32:58
  • Noa Todikromo

    is that real food??😊😊
    dimanche 17 septembre 2017 14:09:53
  • perolah camili

    legal sou de Bauru mesmo não entendo nada eu gosto de assistir
    samedi 16 septembre 2017 10:07:35
  • Nancy Figueroa Naranjo

    vendredi 15 septembre 2017 21:42:19
  • Huynh Ngan

    Nhìn muốn chay nước miếng 🍔🍟🍷
    jeudi 14 septembre 2017 06:33:08
  • mArrY mE TaEhyUnG

    Just made this and here's my review of it: 1. This costs me $9 dollars. It's really expensive. 2. Instructions were in Japanese (obviously) so you would need google translate 3. It tasted good, but here are the downhills: -Ketchup was too sweet for my liking -Buns tasted really weird -Cola tasted like Dr. Pepper (I don't like Dr Pepper) -Fries tasted odd, too Will I recommend it? - For the price, not really. But for the taste, it depends on you. If you hate sweet ketchup, weird tastes, or Dr Pepper, then no. But if you don't think this is a problem, yes. If you're doing it for experience only (like I did), then I would recommend to save your money for -inflatable sex dolls from Japan- some toys or what you want.
    jeudi 14 septembre 2017 05:52:47
  • Иван Иванченко

    Это не котлета это мясо This not Hamburg this is meat
    mercredi 13 septembre 2017 07:20:28
  • Benedick Alonzo

    that ia real berger
    mercredi 13 septembre 2017 00:35:46
  • Rose Candelaria

    Im so hungry i think thats odd. WTF
    mardi 12 septembre 2017 18:03:10
  • JustinAdrian Spalompo

    Is it edible? Because im hungry right now
    mardi 12 septembre 2017 08:18:13
  • ashley princess channel

    that is real
    samedi 09 septembre 2017 22:50:17
  • noppadol Ptw

    Supa liś tate lamila lī
    samedi 09 septembre 2017 21:15:27
  • Erin Dancer

    The Burger Part Smells Like Meatballs For Some Reason XD
    samedi 09 septembre 2017 19:53:10
  • Erin Dancer

    Yay I'm making this finally! I used to watch these when I was a kid but now I am finally trying them!
    samedi 09 septembre 2017 19:51:48
  • João Korisko

    can i eat it
    vendredi 08 septembre 2017 18:07:53
  • Flamethrower957

    But one more thing, u forgot the picklesssssss
    jeudi 07 septembre 2017 00:06:28

    mercredi 06 septembre 2017 14:07:49
  • EJ Downs

    I made these with a friend a couple years ago, and it tasted kinda bad ;-;
    mardi 05 septembre 2017 02:20:03
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