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  • Kid Gets hacked on runescape (real news report) Stupid?
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    Envoyée le mardi 10 mars 2009 11:56:32
    par Bolbz95
    Vue 289907 fois

    SUBSCRIBE IF YOU THINK THIS KID IS LAME! Well. he does! serves him right for buying gold and being underage and for playing that junky game anyway!

    The above link is a picture of it.
    The picture was taken from xR1PAG3x . Sub to him!

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  • BillieJoeAddict

    He’s from my hometown😂😂😂
    mercredi 11 octobre 2017 23:21:01
  • David Heimbecker

    real world trading is the shit that gets you banned
    dimanche 08 octobre 2017 13:21:24
  • David Heimbecker

    I'm here because of chadtronic
    dimanche 08 octobre 2017 13:14:22
  • Vorgx

    This kid isn't "bright" at all.....HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA #RETARD
    mardi 03 octobre 2017 20:11:08
  • dvdvideo10

    "He spent years to gain a high level" - is on Tutorial Island
    vendredi 22 septembre 2017 05:50:16
  • Alex Crowder

    Omg lol. I play rs a bit, but WOW is this nerdy. This whole video is just soooo nerdy and cheesy that I cant even take it seriously. It almost feels like sarcasm or a parody of something. Who makes news about this?!? Rofl.
    dimanche 17 septembre 2017 17:46:56
  • Mark C Allen

    lmao what a little pussy.
    samedi 19 août 2017 23:30:26
  • S0ME0NE

    lundi 10 juillet 2017 03:56:12
  • mlg_fox_gamer

    who came here from chadtronic?
    jeudi 06 juillet 2017 12:47:09
  • Sup ags Baby

    The kid looks like torvesta lel
    vendredi 23 juin 2017 15:19:52
  • Don't Worry about it

    mardi 30 mai 2017 19:30:13
  • ThePat545

    8 years later and a bunch of nerds complaining about "RWT" lol get a life.
    mardi 09 mai 2017 17:45:12
  • matistis

    Everyone knows to not trust anyone on the internet. Dumb kid
    lundi 08 mai 2017 19:47:07
  • Ten Kick

    dimanche 30 avril 2017 08:10:09
  • Thexxan

    that's the cue to go get a real life!
    lundi 24 avril 2017 14:00:23
  • Teisarr

    7 DAY FORECAST MON 73 35
    samedi 22 avril 2017 17:05:56
  • Shark Bait

    Stupid kid he's clearly a noob having to p2w this is why I play oldschool
    jeudi 13 avril 2017 16:13:22
  • Jacob Smith

    Lol why the fuck is this on the news and why the fuck is his family giving an 11 year old kid hundreds of dollars to go towards a shitty game. Guaranteed he still plays today. Timmy is a loser. Tummy will have a sad life.
    mercredi 12 avril 2017 00:49:12
  • ET ec

    he got phished so bad. XD
    dimanche 09 avril 2017 23:43:10
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