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  • Johnny and June Carter Cash sing Jackson
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    Envoyée le dimanche 26 février 2006 18:19:08
    par Dean Wittke
    Vue 9956434 fois

    Johnny and June Carter Cash sing Jackson

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  • Gavin Findlay Extras

    mercredi 12 juillet 2017 19:54:19
  • mike voss

    dimanche 02 avril 2017 14:56:50
  • Jake McKay

    Make America Great Again!
    mercredi 08 mars 2017 22:44:27
  • Susie196921

    I love the way June belts out a song!
    dimanche 18 décembre 2016 00:11:20
  • Helen Smith

    I just love it!!!
    dimanche 27 novembre 2016 16:22:18
  • onmas909

    Marry me June...., I won't finish the song unless you marry me
    mercredi 23 novembre 2016 03:19:29
  • Melinda Dennison

    They were a Beautiful couple
    mercredi 02 novembre 2016 21:32:02
  • aurillia moar

    i love this song i don,t really care about what people say
    vendredi 14 octobre 2016 15:16:20
  • Arby Fabiano

    Watching this and thinking about neither of them are alive gives me shivers, and brings a tear to my eye.
    mercredi 07 septembre 2016 21:53:40
  • Sherif Abdelkader

    they represent love..just pure love..i shed tears i just feel it
    mercredi 31 août 2016 17:09:17
  • Efrain Jaramillo

    I really like this song and her voice it's so amazing U really like it I can stop watching it I love this song this us my favorite song by him 🌟👌👌👏👆
    lundi 29 août 2016 19:12:29
  • T.T. Love

    I love this song. June is so adorable! She has such a sweet smile :)
    mardi 16 août 2016 20:30:14
  • Kim Lindberg

    She was famous with the famous Carter family way long befor he started his career
    mardi 16 août 2016 13:43:51
  • Hayden Johnston

    421 people ain't going to Jackson
    dimanche 14 août 2016 17:29:05
  • Eva Westra

    saw the movie yesterday, what great musicians the both of them!
    samedi 09 juillet 2016 07:19:32
  • Adrian Cleveland

    A masterpiece! In every sense of the word! That is REAL music
    mercredi 22 juin 2016 22:07:05
  • Colin Riley

    Her voice is not mentioned enough as bloody amazing. I guess in the shadow of MrCash who wasn't a voice but a big name that was a tall order. She was a great singer.
    samedi 11 juin 2016 10:26:21
  • jonnyrockstar YG

    bad music sorry
    vendredi 22 avril 2016 17:04:34
  • rick varner

    I just love their songs they sing to together
    lundi 18 avril 2016 15:11:54
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