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    Envoyée le samedi 09 septembre 2017 17:24:25
    par Tony Rodriguez
    Vue 147142 fois

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  • Yaeres

    Im a lil sad bc I think I won't be able to see Janet. in Portland. Janet. been giving me everything since I was around 3 years old, so, I'll just comfort myself with these vids and xxtra flaming hot cheetos.
    jeudi 21 septembre 2017 01:48:31
  • NJHater

    stfu that was amazing. I. love. her.
    mercredi 20 septembre 2017 21:30:34
  • tash tash

    Can't wait I'll be there 9-23-17 honda center love ya Janet!!!!!
    mercredi 20 septembre 2017 20:32:42
  • Lo Lo

    She looks AMAZING!!! Can't wait to see her this weekend!!! Thanks for sharing your video 😊
    mercredi 20 septembre 2017 19:27:11
  • Sheeno Mandela

    I'm late, but is this recent.. like post baby?
    mercredi 20 septembre 2017 14:59:03
  • Joshua Isaac

    I absolutely can NOT with this chick! Went to the Tulsa show, and she had the ENTIRE MIDWEST SHOOK!! I don't see a 51 y/o lady. I see a woman who is above all the bullshit of today's "top performers," and goes hard for her art. You can't touch what she's got. Respect, J! 🙏
    mercredi 20 septembre 2017 11:57:09
  • Freddie Cordova

    Saw her tonight in new Mexico awesome show! Two disappointments! She did not sing black cat, and the whole show is lipped!!!!!
    mercredi 20 septembre 2017 02:41:13
  • Addias Mero

    Yesssssssss!!!!!!! Janet Jackson yesssssssss
    mercredi 20 septembre 2017 01:30:50
  • Bro Capitalista

    I wonder where Jessie j has been!!! she been dancing for jan!!!
    mercredi 20 septembre 2017 01:17:47
  • Lyte42

    Gr8 performance no way you could expect less of Janet! She's a soldier an Artist! Works hard to perfection. Taurus zodiac!! " indeed.
    lundi 18 septembre 2017 21:12:40
  • Prez Shaka

    awesome share Tony
    lundi 18 septembre 2017 15:32:31
  • joshuad smith

    comparing this one to the unbreakable tour performance of this set, this one is so much. janet can actually go all out when she dances since she doesnt have the diaper pants. janet has so much more energy ans stamina on this tour than the unbreakable tour. im so happy shes free to do what she wants.
    lundi 18 septembre 2017 10:32:04

    Feedback is such a BOP!!!!!!
    lundi 18 septembre 2017 04:34:43
  • schears1

    Camera quality is AMAZING felt like I was there!
    lundi 18 septembre 2017 00:11:02
  • sailorkeyblader

    oH YES....Janet came to bury haters, AGE-ISM and body shamers
    dimanche 17 septembre 2017 23:58:18
  • Andrea Washington

    My daughter and I had a FANTASTIC and never forget moment we attended Her concert last night at the Little Rock Verizon Center!!!! And she looks Fantastic we made it back home and I was so motivated by her it had us really rethinking a few Life chioces!!!! And she was actually Singing... Most Loved and wonderful Time!!
    dimanche 17 septembre 2017 20:45:09
  • Leola Anifowoshe

    she did all of this magnificence with all of her clothes on! Now thats a legend.
    dimanche 17 septembre 2017 18:01:26
  • Darlene Combs

    Join the revolution. Black Lives Matter 2017!
    dimanche 17 septembre 2017 16:16:23
  • Mr. Meat Bawl

    Thank you for uploading this! SO JEALOUS! I wanna go so badly.
    dimanche 17 septembre 2017 14:15:47
  • Troy Gartney

    Yasss she nailed it!!!🔥🔥🔥
    dimanche 17 septembre 2017 10:55:52
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