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  • Iguana vs Snakes - Planet Earth II
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    Envoyée le mardi 08 novembre 2016 15:00:01
    par BBC Earth
    Vue 9443971 fois

    This behaviour has never been filmed before! Hatchling marine iguanas are attacked by snakes hunting on mass. This clip was taken from the Islands episode of Planet Earth II.

    Planet Earth II is a BBC Studios Natural History Unit production, co-produced with BBC America, ZDF, Tencent and France Télévisions

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  • Anna Glenn

    1:03 when there is leftover food in the kitchen at work
    vendredi 24 février 2017 12:58:35
  • Ronaldo the Scorer

    Poor iguana
    vendredi 24 février 2017 12:30:38
  • Jason 225511

    legendary! Great job BBC!
    vendredi 24 février 2017 08:08:31
  • Naroth Bo

    ដុត អាហ
    vendredi 24 février 2017 02:30:20
  • Anything to Everything

    who came here from tbjzl's video?
    jeudi 23 février 2017 09:16:22
  • Immature Brit

    I was trying to find this so searched up planet earth nope nope nope and it came up.
    jeudi 23 février 2017 00:10:13
  • drakou 111

    mercredi 22 février 2017 16:33:27
  • Laurie MJ

    Wait, the camera man was actually near this and kept on filming 0.0 I would have run for my life
    mercredi 22 février 2017 15:46:07
  • Tofili L.

    This scene had my entire family screaming at the TV..
    mercredi 22 février 2017 14:10:32
  • Malik Ihsan

    allah akbar see this creation
    mercredi 22 février 2017 05:01:35
  • Zagoreni02A

    damn, i think the hatching would say "damn to many snakes , i am out of here". And after finally escaping i bet he mock the snakes, "next time suckers", well done, best footage ever,
    mercredi 22 février 2017 04:19:24
  • PrettyTheBoss

    mercredi 22 février 2017 03:12:30
  • Teamnofatchix

    480p never look so HD omg beautiful it feel like 1080p !
    mardi 21 février 2017 22:54:59
  • Paul Brown

    I just knew there would be a snake waiting on him in the very end.
    mardi 21 février 2017 20:49:01
  • p0tat0_ninja

    This looked like a movie scene!!!!
    mardi 21 février 2017 20:29:49
  • Furious Sherman

    I never get emotionally involved in nature documentaries, but when I saw this, I was cheering on all the little iguanas trying to escape the snakes and I was relieved that the last iguana was able to get away.
    mardi 21 février 2017 16:56:23
  • Paul Bettany

    hero iguana
    mardi 21 février 2017 16:43:36
  • chi trinh

    Good :)))
    mardi 21 février 2017 14:01:13
  • JOHNNY Walker

    it remind me of Komodo dragon vs Cobra movie
    mardi 21 février 2017 12:07:00
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