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  • How to - Runescape Gold Farming Guide / Tutorial
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    Envoyée le lundi 01 février 2016 13:41:45
    par Papa Hacker
    Vue 13286 fois

    Hey guys its Papa Hacker. Today I'm going to talk about gold farming Old School Runescape. Let me know what you think and stay tuned. Like comment and subscribe.
    Papa Hacker Oldschool Runescape Gold Farming guide 10m+ Money Making Guide 2016 osrs 2007

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  • LispyLeaf

    what happened to the series?
    mardi 03 octobre 2017 04:15:26
  • Dave Lo

    is this why osrs ge is so fuckef up?
    mardi 02 mai 2017 22:44:36
  • Benji funk

    Lol epicbot was buy by jagex lol jagex have your adresse id
    mardi 18 avril 2017 12:34:06
  • Takafumi Nomura

    yo ive been doing this alot and got free $ from points and used it for runescape membership, check it out
    jeudi 16 mars 2017 11:34:19
  • Foodic Review

    This is one of those losers that will ruin a game for money. Here is an idea never log back on and go get a job. Or learn to play this game the right way. And seriously stop fucking up the game with your stupid bot.
    samedi 28 janvier 2017 06:50:40
  • Heavy Fate

    if you are so rich give me 100m
    vendredi 06 janvier 2017 20:51:55
  • MilkCarten Lmt

    I use to bot. But stopped its not easy to start up again once your banned, unless you got a bot farm going. I was running 2-3 bots and it takes a lot of time in investing. I appreciate your video. But would of been helpful if it was out a few years back. Dont worry about all the raging weaboos.
    mercredi 24 août 2016 21:54:17
  • Nathan Mcdonald

    vendredi 12 août 2016 01:58:55
  • Argyle Grant

    People who bot in this game deserve to be permabanned imo
    mercredi 03 août 2016 13:45:49
  • Crunchy Kyle

    where can you download a decent bot that wont get you banned?
    lundi 04 juillet 2016 10:52:55
  • MrBuggzy

    How does it have 4k views, and 49k thumbs up! xD
    jeudi 30 juin 2016 16:48:29
  • oZero

    Damn didn't know people who are so in love with runesape would watch this its so funny! I mean if you don't like the shit you could help by not viewing the video or posting comments idiot. I say only people with lives are watching this shit just to fucking learn dumbass you have no life because all you all day is dislike and comment stupid shit on people's youtube video.
    lundi 14 mars 2016 03:58:17

    more vids like this would be dope
    jeudi 10 mars 2016 09:06:20
  • Wisdom is Power

    Lol rs3 botting smh
    lundi 07 mars 2016 20:15:31
  • Toxic Hugs

    You are really retarded aren't you? Go do some bosses and stop being a game killing faggot. If you can't play the game and make your own money then you should probably find something else to do. People like you are why the economy is fucked up and people ruin the game for skillers and PVMers alike. Set your house on fire and sit on your computer chair with your shitty headset and let the flames cleanse your soul you pathetic faggot.
    vendredi 04 mars 2016 13:18:44
  • Austin Temple

    vendredi 04 mars 2016 10:35:30
  • Alvis Briedis

    u fking fgt learn 2 play the game proper way and make gp how u are meant 2 !!! fgts like u are fking all the item prices !
    lundi 29 février 2016 19:45:21
  • shawno009

    they are starting to wipe mules dude. be careful.
    samedi 27 février 2016 21:52:57
  • Private Sparky

    you are telling ppl what a bot is most ppl watching this are runescape players for a while and know this stuff is just dumb
    vendredi 26 février 2016 14:36:06
  • vbn1234567

    jeudi 11 février 2016 18:00:04
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