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  • How to Make $2,000 Per Month From Google Adsense and YouTube
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    Envoyée le lundi 14 août 2017 17:54:33
    par Justin Bryant
    Vue 6640 fois

    Learn how to make $2,000 per month from Google Adsense and YouTube. Go to for video notes, related content, tips, and helpful resources mentioned.

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    In this video, you will learn how to make $2,000 per month from Google Adsense and YouTube. This will allow you to leverage YouTube's monetization platform so you can earn a nice income as a video creator. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  • Russell Cox

    This video is very thorough. I think it's great that you found a way to make a successful channel that is mostly comprised of research and a screencast. You don't even need a video camera to make your videos, and they are still interesting to watch.
    vendredi 25 août 2017 09:48:32
  • PixemWeb

    Great tips. I definitely like the breakdown of the earning potential based on the category of the videos. Also, another key thing to do is drive traffic back to your videos within the first 48 hours. Organic traffic from people who are interested in your type of content. This is why I recommend Vloggers also start a Blog. It's a great way to develop an email list and start branding your vlog. This is how you create the Push and Pull Effect in Marketing. Push enough traffic to the target source and eventually that source will start pulling in more traffic for you.
    mercredi 23 août 2017 18:46:53
  • Louis Ogumah

    Always adore anything about [video]
    lundi 21 août 2017 10:39:44
  • the one and only

    The death of creativity on youtube. becoming a uniform model of things to work for companies. instead of making your own original stuff. if we wanted to work for companies. we wouldn't be trying to get our own channel up in the first place.
    vendredi 18 août 2017 13:22:55
  • Mind Velvet

    You didn't mention my category. :) Meditation/ASMR/Subliminals/Relaxation music. I love this video, thank you! It's nice to see someone being positive about youtube money again.
    vendredi 18 août 2017 03:16:54
  • My Silly Cute Animals

    how do you get competitors and trend alerts?
    jeudi 17 août 2017 16:10:50
  • My Silly Cute Animals

    don't you need 10k views to get monetization?
    jeudi 17 août 2017 15:58:38
  • Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB

    Awesome mate, this has helped me a lot..
    mercredi 16 août 2017 18:27:03
  • real world poker

    Go to Yahoo or any non-google search engine & do a search for "does Google Adsense actually pay" or similar search - then click images. There are only two types of images - completely anonymous or checks sent to the 3rd world - both of which are completely unverifiable. WOW what a HUGE HUGE coincidence. Boom 💥
    mercredi 16 août 2017 18:20:05
  • Rochelle Wells

    What kind of protection do you need to keep your computer safe while running an online business?
    mercredi 16 août 2017 16:30:16
  • ipadsforautism

    Real World brought the truth & exposed Justin & Google. Many "bloggers & YouTubers" claim that AdSense "pays" but there has been zero proof. The interviews with Gangum style & the guy who made history of dance are all over the Internet where their billions of views resulted in not one penny being paid to them from Google. It's a giant scam that continues to go unchecked. Good for real world for calling it out & thanks Justin for proving him right as you try to photoshop some fake proof at this point.
    mardi 15 août 2017 23:16:36
  • EastPAWZ

    do you have a recommendation for an affordable way to make tutorials for youtube? Software that is 100 USD or less? I need to create videos for my new channel and cannot find any software to make videos that are not in the hundreds.
    mardi 15 août 2017 09:25:46
  • Diego De La Morena

    Justin, to use the Google Keyword Planner you need to pay for Google AdWords cause it is a tool inside so it is not free :(((((
    mardi 15 août 2017 05:08:20
  • Careers and Money

    Good and useful information. I've subscribed your channel.
    mardi 15 août 2017 03:43:11
  • Space Hobo

    gr8 advice......keep em coming, bro....:-)
    mardi 15 août 2017 03:12:39
  • tenminutetokyo

    If it were that easy, everyone would quit their job and do it.
    lundi 14 août 2017 23:14:12
  • real world poker

    NOBODY has been able to actually show any documentation of getting paid by Google - they are a giant fraud. Billions of views by a single video & not even a penny. Long list of videos that this is the case. Post of video of multiple pieces of documentation of getting "$2,000 per month" repeatedly from Google. #nothingbutcrickets #googleisafraud
    lundi 14 août 2017 23:07:47
  • Gail Becker

    Justin, your videos are very helpful and the way you explain everything is precise and succinct. I am helping my students and struggling unsigned artists work from home and start their own online businesses in order to give them the time they need to study and work in the studio. They all agree that your videos are the most helpful of all other videos I have used. However, I was wondering if you could do a video on earning money from Instagram. I have students who take the most beautiful photos and some of them can draw and paint anything. I would like to help them make money from their artwork. Can you make a video on that or on making money with any social media network? Thank you.
    lundi 14 août 2017 21:46:05

    hello gays plz iwant help iwant to get 1k sub plzzzz
    lundi 14 août 2017 21:33:53
  • Nancy Noel

    Next time show an opportunity of making 2k a month but show how compensation works
    lundi 14 août 2017 20:23:47
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