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  • Hoverboard Snowplow
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    Envoyée le dimanche 11 décembre 2016 20:02:28
    par Steve Scherer
    Vue 348424 fois

    Innovative hoverboard use, clearing the driveway after a snowstorm in Sun Prairie Wisconsin December 11, 2016.

    For licensing and usage, contact:

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  • jeromy w

    it may be cheating but it gets the job done.
    jeudi 03 août 2017 14:09:33
  • Rydog5392

    lundi 31 juillet 2017 21:23:51
  • Jean-Philippe Bégin

    lazy mofo
    jeudi 01 juin 2017 21:59:45
  • MrRideutah

    I hope my kid not like this
    dimanche 26 mars 2017 22:48:59
  • Lebon19

    Damn son. That was fast. However, for this to work reliably, there needs to not be a lot of snow. If there's more than 5cm, it's not gonna work as good if not at all. But, hey, if it works for you, that's awesome!
    samedi 28 janvier 2017 01:19:59
  • Wolf God

    oh my god that is the coolest kid i ever seen
    jeudi 26 janvier 2017 15:25:04
  • Reaction Central

    Is that tanner
    mercredi 25 janvier 2017 19:23:24
  • SPICY-8545

    mercredi 18 janvier 2017 05:34:10
  • Benjamin Simoneau

    wow half the comments here are people asking to use the video for advertising... when SO many different companies want to use the same video, 3 things become clear 1: the board has a huge mark-up and sales are riddiculusly profitable (ie, you're getting ripped off) 2: There is an epic fuckton of copyright infringement and knock off brands for someone elses invention (ie... the inventor is getting ripped off) 3: Without even knowing which brand you are using, these guys are ready to market your video as if its their product.. (ie: false advertising) Hoverboards are the new Ascii berry..
    lundi 16 janvier 2017 22:38:59
  • Shaun Kelley

    Gotta be a hockey player
    dimanche 08 janvier 2017 11:13:23
  • brian1984hb

    This is not a hoverboard!
    jeudi 05 janvier 2017 19:49:35
  • Dawnxtr

    i saw this on an instagram post
    vendredi 30 décembre 2016 02:38:36
  • Jocuri Live si Review PS4 si Mobile

    nice and smart, we sell hoverboards and have a lot of funny pictures or a lot of videos from our customers. This video is a good way to make some winter activity with the hover :) Hope your kid has recived a good tip :) Can we use this to show it on our site and fan page? Please , give us a text at
    lundi 26 décembre 2016 04:30:37
  • amy oliver

    today was my first time on a hover board
    dimanche 25 décembre 2016 17:33:12
  • The Adult Contemporary Music Channel

    Cool, are you in lake effect snow country too? We've had 51 inches so far this season. what about by you?
    jeudi 22 décembre 2016 22:27:20
  • Neal Harris

    Nice until he breaks his neck on the stupid thing and the law suits start.
    jeudi 22 décembre 2016 09:56:11
  • тайлер дерден

    Кто ждал когда он наебнется
    jeudi 22 décembre 2016 09:39:31
  • Rinat Z

    mardi 20 décembre 2016 06:53:35
  • The Scary Snowman

    Featured on My website :)
    lundi 19 décembre 2016 11:29:21
  • Jacob Robloxgameing

    Great ideo ima do the same
    samedi 17 décembre 2016 20:32:18
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