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  • Hot Wheels Road Trip
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    Envoyée le lundi 15 août 2016 11:11:26
    par 5MadMovieMakers
    Vue 6260771 fois

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    Pinball Marble Run

    Ride along on the Hot Wheels car as it travels through 8 different track sections all connected by teleporting tunnels. From the backyard to the big hill to the pool and back, this track’s got it all.

    Each section worked on its own from tunnel to tunnel. The cart is powered entirely by gravity at all times.

    In total there are 11 cuts in the video, 7 between locations and 4 for slow motion footage. The jump section and the loop section were filmed twice, once in 30 fps and again in 120 fps, and the final video cuts from the normal speed footage to the slow motion footage for the duration of both the jump and the loop.

    The cart worked reasonably well underwater and only fell off the pool track a few times. The main problem with the pool track was keeping the track connected and in place. A rock was attached to the end of the track in order to weigh it down.

    In total about 200 feet of track was used, nearly all of which is present in the 4th section. Filmed with a GoPro Hero4 Session mounted on a modified 2014 Pharadox car. Filmed in California and Colorado.


    Anneliese Brincks, Ben Hunter, Mark Carlson, Matthew Carlson, and the residents of The Booge

    Check out Ben Hunter’s channel 33 Years Productions

    Music “Jog” by EMCEE. Made on iPhone with the Auxy app. The song is only available in this video but check out his other work here

    Credits Music "Overlook Preview" by EMCEE. Check out his other work

    Camera car modified by Cameron Boyce and Jesse Velez. Find more of their work at their Facebook page or their YouTube channel

    Official Selection of the 2016 5Point Film Festival in Bellingham, WA.

    Marble Runs:
    Lego Roller Coasters:
    Knex Roller Coasters:
    Stop Motion Animations:

    Our Channel:

    2016 - 5 Mad Movie Makers

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  • megaadamek

    vendredi 24 février 2017 13:43:16
  • Thomas Henning Nunes Ritter

    ediçao pra caramba em
    vendredi 24 février 2017 08:42:19
  • Galactic Pond

    jeudi 23 février 2017 22:01:02
  • Fabian-Eduardo Chacon

    d0 another one really interesting
    jeudi 23 février 2017 20:05:05
  • Clee D

    This would be awesome if you did a 360 view
    jeudi 23 février 2017 18:31:18
  • Clee D

    How was the pool part possible
    jeudi 23 février 2017 18:30:26
  • EthanBraun Games and vlogs

    that was so cool
    jeudi 23 février 2017 16:31:06
  • Alex Bailey

    Nice edit
    jeudi 23 février 2017 10:59:32
  • Bromon655

    Howcome every single damn person that makes these type of videos are some sort of kid living in a huge 3 story house
    mercredi 22 février 2017 19:21:26
  • Niladri Paul

    what wat the fps
    mercredi 22 février 2017 05:39:11
  • EvanTubeFan

    What kind of car is that?
    mardi 21 février 2017 17:33:04
  • Keshav Shinde

    wow... How did you do that
    mardi 21 février 2017 07:07:04
  • Zack i Morgan

    awesome video
    lundi 20 février 2017 21:17:49
  • Fabian Wendorf

    Really cool video.
    lundi 20 février 2017 16:29:38
  • DesiSwagMusic

    lundi 20 février 2017 11:46:05
  • Ravi Verma

    lundi 20 février 2017 10:39:32
  • Brian Woods

    Did you have some type of magnets on the track to speed and slow the car?
    dimanche 19 février 2017 20:58:17
  • Alpha Fluffy

    How did you get a camera as small as the hot wheels car
    dimanche 19 février 2017 14:37:29
  • Víctor Oliveros

    nose ingles pero estuvo bien chido 😂✌❤
    dimanche 19 février 2017 03:38:37
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