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  • Google SEO for Dummies
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    Envoyée le jeudi 25 août 2016 17:13:05
    par Deadbeat Super Affiliate
    Vue 22672 fois

    Google SEO For Dummies, Deadbeats, and Beginners! In this video, I reveal "The Magic 3" web properties you can use to leverage into better search engine rankings in very little time. Google puts special weight to 3 specific web 2.0 properties, and I show you how to leverage them in this video. Learn exactly what you need to know about external search engine optimization here.

    Alright so Google SEO in a nutshell is as follows:

    1) Create good content. Without this, you might as well forget all your SEO efforts as they will be a complete waste in the end. Now what I define as "quality content" is stuff created specifically with the end user in mind. When you create videos and blog posts that your targeted audience is genuinely interested in, this will increase the time they spend consuming your content. Google LOVES this, and will rank your website accordingly. My general rule of thumb is to create content that I personally would spend my own time consuming.

    2) A few backlinks from highly targeted, relevant content outweigh HUNDREDS of low quality backlinks.

    3) 3 Web properties that I spent effort into building up are Tumblr,, and Weebly mini-sites.

    4) I usually always work my YouTube channel and blog into the equation by mixing up links and video embeds on their respective content on my web 2.0 mini sites.

    All in all, this video shows you exactly how to rank in Google even if you're a complete beginner. Keep things simple. Deliver good stuff, and the results typically follow.

    Remember: never try to "game" Google. They are incredibly smart at filtering out tricks. Give them exactly what they want, and they will reward you for years to come.

    I hope you enjoyed this video.

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  • Shane Perry

    mardi 03 octobre 2017 14:35:55
  • StojanovskiTV

    This worked in 2001. Googles smart algorithms will punish you for cheating like this.
    mercredi 13 septembre 2017 16:36:44
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    samedi 02 septembre 2017 17:04:04
  • junathan banisa

    create your own website with this new site
    mercredi 30 août 2017 02:50:21
  • Jennifer Wienstock

    Hi I have a new amazon affiliate site, which has a few blogs, inter grading weebly, tumblr and you tube to target mult keywords in different blogs to drive traffic to my website, good idea?
    mardi 29 août 2017 19:21:49
  • Bill Green

    The question I have about "long tail keywords" is: if you are ranking for the long tail keyword aren't fewer people going to search for the entire phrase? In other words, aren't you going to get fewer people searching for "affiliate marketing for dummies" rather than just "affiliate marketing" and thus get fewer hits?
    samedi 22 juillet 2017 22:50:18
  • Maxine Smith

    i dont like the word "dummy " and i am watching it :)
    dimanche 09 juillet 2017 23:40:46
  • The Strain Experience

    Nice video!!
    lundi 19 juin 2017 17:05:44
  • Timothy L.

    Does the 60 day affiliate marketing challenge involve posting content on my supporting sites or just my main site?
    lundi 19 juin 2017 16:14:05
  • Old Timer Knives!

    What do you mean,? when you said Not to have visible affiliate links on your WordPress Blog?
    vendredi 09 juin 2017 16:14:55
  • Alex

    Dan, I paid $17, I asked you what tag you use on your page to drive traffic? this is the only question I asked., don't be mean.
    mardi 23 mai 2017 19:50:28
  • KungFuMaintenance

    These are possibly silly questions but are domains better than subdomains? Do they automatically place better if they are main domains? Can pages made as subdomains be as effective as main domain websites?
    samedi 22 avril 2017 03:03:19
  • Renee S.

    I have weebly websites which I like but I really like better. Do you think wix is a good site? It's so easy to build websites with it and easy to insert html codes in.
    samedi 15 avril 2017 19:32:06
  • Lea Johnsson

    What is the best link strategy today, should i focus on web 2.0 or PBN? thank you
    vendredi 17 février 2017 07:17:31
  • Oscar Lopez

    did you ever work as a SEO specialist?
    mercredi 15 février 2017 03:39:27
  • Edward Gil

    samedi 04 février 2017 17:00:42
  • Immortal Gaming

    Does that same stack of money stay there at all times?
    jeudi 26 janvier 2017 23:11:37
  • Christian Bosse

    Hi Deadbeat Super Affiliate, thanks for the video and the free ebook! I have one question, that hasn't been answered in the video, nor in the comments. The principle is, that you create a blog on the other networks (Tumbler, Weebly, WordPress, etc - let's call it third-party networks) and write an article focussed on the keyword you want to rank for (300 - 800 words), correct me if I got something wrong, and link back to your own blog or website. My question now is, do you leave it with this one article on the third-party networks or do you produce more regular content on the third-party networks? Otherwise, you would register 1 domain on the third-party networks, write one article and leave it with one article, right? Thanks in advance, Christian.
    dimanche 22 janvier 2017 00:57:16
  • Rhimo Lamrani

    where are you ? we need you to inform us plz make a video 😊
    vendredi 16 décembre 2016 09:08:08
  • Matt Lee

    how pages do you write on the mighty 3 tumbler, weebly and ..
    lundi 28 novembre 2016 07:17:02
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