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  • Bike balancing 200m high up - Fabio Wibmer
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    Envoyée le lundi 28 novembre 2016 09:00:03
    par Fabio Wibmer
    Vue 1406685 fois

    Dam(n) that was high!
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    Balancing a bike on one of the highest dams in europe, the Koelnbreinsperre in Austria, which has a height of 200m.
    This is my entry for the "GoPro of the world contest". The voting should be open in a few days on pinkbike. Thanks for watching!

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    Massive thanks to Hannes Berger, Matthias & Christoph Berger.
    Filmed in Austria/Maltatal/Kölnbreinsperre

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    ►Want to know what protection, bikes, parts and camera equipment I use? Here is a list of all things
    ►Want to know what protection, bikes, parts and camera equipment I use? Here is a list of all things

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  • Fabio Wibmer

    Go vote for this video here: Your support means a lot! Thank you!!
    lundi 16 janvier 2017 12:17:29
  • Tobias Meier

    du bist der beste biker
    jeudi 23 février 2017 00:06:37
  • 송이삭

    your insane
    mercredi 22 février 2017 01:14:27
  • Kroko Dil

    Respekt, aber warum machst du so was? wenn was passiert => tot Du kannst doch genug andere nice Sachen die nicht soooo gefährlich sind
    mardi 21 février 2017 13:08:09
  • Liinksys

    I have See in a German Newspaper !! Greeeat !!!
    lundi 20 février 2017 17:12:34
  • Paolo Germani

    it is best to start with the trial or trials with the street? If then my goal would be to apply it on a bike enduro. You are always the best.
    lundi 20 février 2017 16:05:01
  • Managarm Wolf

    Krasse Nummer digga!! ^^
    lundi 20 février 2017 08:55:19
  • This is what I think AKA BUY LOW SELL HIGH

    Looks like he's just holding the handlebars walking alongside of it----just kidding IDK CRAZY THOUGH
    lundi 20 février 2017 00:58:42
  • zZSteak brotherZz

    Omg krass ich hatte des nie gemacht
    samedi 18 février 2017 13:52:46
  • Eloric Clero

    nice dude 😊😀 there is not your gloves in internet . how do you have the yellow one?
    jeudi 16 février 2017 12:17:09
  • Paul Padilla

    not even if I had big enough balls. #nofukinway
    mercredi 15 février 2017 20:26:02

    Do it without the rope and I'll be impressed. This is like slacklining with a harness. Boring as fuck.
    lundi 13 février 2017 09:12:15
  • Евгений Бардин

    dimanche 12 février 2017 07:18:10
  • Bleon Avdili

    mercredi 08 février 2017 17:27:46
  • Maximilian Freutsmiedl

    das video ist bei @extremist auf instagram
    dimanche 05 février 2017 11:47:51
  • Ognjen Djordjevic

    But why?
    jeudi 02 février 2017 06:19:53
  • 이준석

    Watching this my balls are shrinking...
    mardi 31 janvier 2017 14:36:29
  • Jannik Laabs

    Richtig krass Fabio , größten Respekt 👍😉
    mardi 31 janvier 2017 02:28:03
  • 34 Nuck

    dimanche 29 janvier 2017 13:21:29
  • GT 2005

    Was ist das für ein Fahrrad?
    dimanche 29 janvier 2017 04:45:50
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