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  • Barack Obama sits with Bill and Melinda Gates at "Goalkeepers' event.
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    Envoyée le mercredi 20 septembre 2017 16:09:33
    par ExpovistaTV
    Vue 77187 fois

    Former US President Barack Obama talks with Bill and Melinda Gates about progress made in global challenges

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  • reynaldo ruvalcaba

    Man it's nice to hear him explain things not just give me ( it's going to be the best health plan! The most amazing plan, it will be better than obamacare. Hows that mr.president Oh you will see it's going to be great) lol wtf
    lundi 09 octobre 2017 21:08:50
  • Dan O'Connor

    The capstones of money and power on the same stage. Amazing.
    dimanche 08 octobre 2017 20:54:16
  • Dsky40

    Very smart and approachable man. Often in my international travels, people express their very high opinions of both President and Michelle Obama. In my state we are huge supporters of he and the affordable healthcare act.. he has made it better for many. Our current president, regardless of what Fox News says, spends his time berating a past administration and not making any progress in favor of anything other than himself
    dimanche 08 octobre 2017 13:00:08
  • airplane800

    I can tell a story so someone can understand the root of evil in the world. After WW I there was a meeting do decide about Germany paying war reparations. Representing the US was the banker Paul Warburg, representing Germany was Carl Warburg, brother of Paul. Representing the neutral country Switzerland was Max Warburg, cousin of Paul and Carl. People died, countries were destroyed and the Warburg family of bankers profited big time. The banking system and greed is behind anything evil in this world. By the way Pres. Obama gets wrong when he thinks that India is independent. Before leaving índia the British banks made sure that India would get a big debt with British banks. Now Britain can still control índia without a single soldier. Debt was the formula the European banks found to keep the third world in slavery. Love for money is the root of all evil. Technology won't solve our problems. Actually most technology are used for war. You must be naïve to think that Governments have GPS to help people to drive. Compound interest is the most powerful weapon in the world and people don't even know. Compound interest cause famine, crime, death of children and destruction of countries. Love for money and greed is leading us toward WW III . There is no technology to stop that. Actually technology will motivate that. We got better technologies but we never got a better heart.
    mercredi 04 octobre 2017 13:17:10
  • ride clever Technologies

    It is a privilege for Humanity to see "THE"Greatest people of our time on earth at this desperate times" GOD BLESS"!!!!!!!!
    mercredi 04 octobre 2017 04:24:43
  • ride clever Technologies

    If I just hug Melinda and Bill Gates and die I am the most happiest person on Earth ever
    mercredi 04 octobre 2017 03:34:39
  • nvrmindthis

    Obama.. we miss you
    lundi 02 octobre 2017 08:12:31
  • john smith

    Thanx Obama for sneaking all the Muslim influence into our country!
    dimanche 01 octobre 2017 16:31:46
  • GCarlin Disciple

    How much did Barrack get paid for this 30 mins. with his gajillionaire friends. Well, I believe the going rate is 750,000 for 3 hours so I bet they are getting a steal at the super duper billionaire discounted rate of maybe 135,000. (for those of you who will ignore my point because of math... He normally pro rates shorter talks much more for peasants who are only worth 15 billion dollars) What a fantastic Democrat he turned out to be. I wonder if this is another guy who can do anything for money and be unaffected or if somewhere he is humiliated to be such a pawn and a murderer all at the same time. (I mean all the wars, I'm no conspiracy nut)
    dimanche 01 octobre 2017 14:21:08
  • pasture Ndlovu

    Its good to hear wise words from the first Black President of the Free World.
    dimanche 01 octobre 2017 05:29:33
  • The romantic flower

    Im not even american but i love listening to obama talk. He is calm and careful with what hes goin to say. He's classy 👍🏻👍🏻
    samedi 30 septembre 2017 20:30:23
  • Kathleen Diener

    you just have to have some sense, and READ. hahaha. Love the innuendo:)
    samedi 30 septembre 2017 20:20:15
  • Alex P Thorn

    all of them are going to burn in hell eternally, "them" are not going to love the afterlife for them satanists baby killers it really is hell
    samedi 30 septembre 2017 16:23:36
  • Alex P Thorn

    the three dirtiest criminals in the world, add hillary clinton and you have the corrupt gang, oh ya don't forget about the hitmen Comey and mueller who frame their victims for money.
    samedi 30 septembre 2017 16:20:54
  • Hamda Garbo

    The differences between Trump and Obama is that Obama was the world 🌎 Leader whereas Trump is Only US President🇺🇸.
    samedi 30 septembre 2017 08:45:00
  • Lars Justinen

    The Trump supporters who are in bondage to their own biases may learn a lesson if we face an existential threat to the United States as President Lincoln did. That national leader drew upon his experience, his character, his intelligence, and his faith to shepherd the nation through the Civil War. If such a great challenge faces this president, the nation and the world will suffer in ways we may not even imagine now. But if it survives, those left alive who were so willingly conned by Mr. Trump will have learned something. As CS Lewis wrote: "Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.”
    vendredi 29 septembre 2017 19:56:57
  • Daughn Jackson

    Great speaker........ Look up Dustin lance Black
    vendredi 29 septembre 2017 15:22:49
  • Hillary Gillings

    The moment he opened his mouth I felt so relaxed -- as I listened so intently to the truth he spoke about as learned from him.  Thank you, Mr. President.
    jeudi 28 septembre 2017 13:23:22
  • kh Khalid

    I like hearing Obama speak. what a voice!!!
    jeudi 28 septembre 2017 09:04:13
  • Petrit Shehu

    IS Eikuiliber, is Njeri me kam ne Toke dhe Mendje ne Koke . Respekt nga SHQIPERIA.
    jeudi 28 septembre 2017 07:54:32
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