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  • Barack Obama CRUSHES Trump & His Government On Their 'INSANE' Actions (SPEECH 2017)
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    Envoyée le mercredi 05 juillet 2017 07:30:45
    par Jon Snow - The Viral Network
    Vue 422370 fois

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  • Pops150

    Oh, shut up. Get your ass to Chicago and #1. Console grieving black parents. #2. Mentor black youths and get them to give up their guns.
    vendredi 20 octobre 2017 08:10:16
  • Lori Dennis

    Get lost, Obama! Go back to your country!
    vendredi 20 octobre 2017 07:06:29
  • Gallo Negro

    Obama the bigest globalist lieyer gerge soros popet.trash gay son of perdition.
    mardi 17 octobre 2017 11:07:54
  • Gary Schroeder

    a chicago procuror not qualified to polish shoes at a Trump Tower
    samedi 14 octobre 2017 12:41:27
  • Randy Miller

    Trump is our president
    jeudi 12 octobre 2017 11:37:52
  • tempest chandler

    suck toes ! trump is trash nobody will understand til yall picking yall kids limps up after the intense antagonistic behaviors of yall beloved president gets us all killed. obama is the most classy elegant person who ever had power. no lawsuits no controversy. no racial or sexual investigations. he can bs a trillionaire but he can never be obama!
    mardi 10 octobre 2017 12:53:09
  • Billy Anderson

    The currupt libral meadia have been a disgrace to our country and they spew lies every chance they get ! CNN fake and lieing news network ! And obama did wire tap the trump administration!
    lundi 02 octobre 2017 15:21:44
  • Billy Anderson

    Fuck obama ! He's the only ex president that left office and attacked a sitting president! Obamas a sorry ass treasonous snake and this currupt libral meadia are fucking lowlife liars !i hope obama gets a bullet between the eyes ! Obama destroyed our place in the world , obama was the worst most destructive enemy America has ever had !
    lundi 02 octobre 2017 15:19:06
  • Cookie Gee

    First of all that's not true as much is you might want to believe that past presidents don't say anything however they didn't have to the last eight years that Obama ran because he was doing what he needed to do however this president is attacking his own citizens this president don't seem to care about what he is doing and saying and hurting he needs to understand when he crossed the line that is notAmerican friendly however world friendly
    dimanche 24 septembre 2017 20:37:54
  • Mustbeheard1

    Impeach him now!! He's far too unintelligent to represent Americans!! He has too much power for someone so stupid!!
    dimanche 24 septembre 2017 15:33:02
  • Mustbeheard1

    Trump NEEDs to work on smart things, and because he is so stupid, he is only concerned with stupid things, stupid loves stupid!!
    dimanche 24 septembre 2017 15:31:55
  • Ginamarie Fanelakis

    i friggin love Barack Obama. I hope and pray that he continues to stay active and inspire us with his wisdom.
    dimanche 24 septembre 2017 00:58:51
  • big 131

    hahahah libtards make me laugh thats obama crushing trump, trump crushed obama within 10 months of his presidency GDP, Jobs, Stocks went up more then they had in 17 years
    samedi 23 septembre 2017 06:31:46
  • William Oakes

    Barack has always had the right lines, and he did intercede in the depression the American Right lead us to (as McCain was cheering it on), preventing an absolute collapse. However, the outcome of the incessant sellouts that followed, to big banks, big money, and every monopoly that has a name, and of his party; his concessions to Citizens United, and then to the GOP boycott of his Supreme Court nominee, have simply substituted a slow collapse for all, except the so called 1%, with this as an endpoint (including an accidental and psychopathic president).
    mardi 19 septembre 2017 15:39:20
  • Vicky Paulson

    Typical Republican, they love to insult people. I am quite active in politics, and don't believe insulting people solves anything.
    lundi 18 septembre 2017 21:31:38
  • Tommy Truth

    Oh, CNN. LOL
    lundi 18 septembre 2017 19:59:45
  • Brenda Lea Stone

    This is long but Important. People need to wake up, It is not about what you think. It is a lot more important than food stamps. A lot more important than gangs. a lot more important than immigration. It is about our children's futures. It is about actual slavery and the demise of all people who will oppose them. The Elite, Bankers, and the Democrats are trying to bring back slavery on a world wide scale. Why do the elite and democrats want to take out our local police departments. Using Black people. They can kill off the Black people and the police too. Why does the media push the narrative that police are going after black people? Because they know our local police are the closest line of defense to the people. Who do you call when someone is breaking into your house? They want to make our citizens be helpless. Who is pushing the narrative not to trust the police? Why did they not pick white people to go against the police? Because they didn't groom them to be distrustful of the police? They groomed Black people to be distrustful of the police. The elite did this with the news media highlighting every arrest of black people. How many times do you see white people on television being arrested. They want the black people to feel like they are alone. Why? They have a bigger agenda and they are going to use the Black people and any other group to pull in this war to keep us fighting among ourselves. The elite Democrats and big bankers do not want us to look at them. The elite are terrified of the masses. In their terror of the masses they are making massive mistakes that will eventually lead the people right to their door step. When we the people figure it out. They have to keep throwing out more and more stuff to keep us confused and guessing what is going on. Did you know, when Hitler invaded Austria he brought galosh to the poor starving Austrians? They thought life would be better. Obama gave free cell phone's to all the poor people. Then brought division that would get a lot of policemen shot. Did you know Hitler destroyed the police in Germany too? How much history do you know about Germany and the concentration camps? How much do you know about having the clouds seeded? They were pissed because Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris weather deal. Interesting those storms were the worst we have ever seen don't you think? Interesting those storms lasted a lot longer than any storms we have ever seen don't you think? Interesting that they hit the coast of Florida where Donald Trump lives. Yes these people can manipulate the weather to a degree. They made a mistake when they hit Houston. So they had to try again with several more storms. Please open your eyes. The elite want us fighting each other, While they create havoc why? Trump does not want us fighting each other. The media does, and so did Hillary and Obama, Why? There is a story on the internet where Hitlers Maid tells what happened, how blind the people were, how shocked the people were about what was going on around them. The Media was behind Hitler just like the Media is behind Hillary. The main stream media hates Donald Trump. The deep state will do anything to take Donald Trump down. Hillary was suppose to be in charge they took out Bernie Sanders because he would have won. Hillary took him out remember in California. lots of voter fraud. After that the DNC said they should be able to pick your candidates for The American people. In other words they wanted a Dictatorship, with the illusion of elections. There was massive voter fraud for Hillary. Hillary was so sure she would win she did not even write a concessions speech. How could Hillary be that sure she would win? Hillary didn't even campaign. They were in shock when Donald Trump won, Massive Shock. Then they had to regroup. They then had to go after Donald Trump with everything they could bring against him, and his supporters. The reason Donald Trump does not show his taxes is because they will go after anyone who does business with Donald Trump's children. Remember they went after Ivanka's brands in the stores. They are desperate to get their hands on who he does business with. They are even going after Donald Trumps Face Book supporters now. Muller is going after Donald Trumps Taxes, but he will not show them to the American people, because There is nothing that Donald Trump did wrong on his taxes. Not only that, but he pays a higher tax rate higher than Hillary and Obama. Donald Trump is not perfect no one is they are looking hard for anything bad enough to impeach him on. Hell they are going back to the years before he was elected to find anything. Now Muller is going after his face book followers regular American Citizens. They are that desperate to find something on Trump. All in an effort to keep the America People from looking too hard at Hillary's Emails that cost the lives of an American Ambassador and four Brave Americans. Also her play to pay scams. If you want some more information look at Judicial Watch you will learn a lot. Judicial Watch keeps an eye on government Corruption on both sides republican, democrat all the way up to and including the president.
    dimanche 17 septembre 2017 23:36:25
  • Tee-Jay Ndjoze

    People forget that President Barack Obama is just at the tender age of 55, he got more time on earth to more things trump is 70, bill was in his late 60s i can go on and on... Obama do your thing. I wish he'd come to my school and do a townhall...please come
    dimanche 17 septembre 2017 21:17:17
  • Deb Libra

    @Sarah Westwood Please give us a break. Obama had already called them to step up their contributions and they did. Like typical tRump wanting to put his name on everything someone else built. So full of crap you tRumpsters you don't even believe what comes out of your own mouths.
    mardi 12 septembre 2017 13:32:38
  • Deb Libra

    tRump is what's so unusual. Typical Obama criticism.... not about legacy it's about freaking insanity. Precitent . Screw you CNN and your lacking journalist. No different than when he was president. tRump can tell every lie on Obama his mouth can imagine and you say nothing but Obama is being unusual by just speaking truth. Really? You don't know crap about how Dems think or feel. Shut up.
    mardi 12 septembre 2017 13:24:21
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