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  • BOLEN'S A METROID VIRGIN - Super Metroid Playthrough
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    Envoyée le mardi 18 juillet 2017 13:16:33
    par Game Attack
    Vue 11173 fois

    Bolen is still trying to figure out what those green doors are all about...
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  • YrsaSH

    You beat Kraid on your first try, without spazer. That is actuarlly quite impressive.
    dimanche 20 août 2017 05:53:32
  • DooMGuy117

    "I will blow myself" You do you, Bolen. You do you.
    jeudi 03 août 2017 11:21:20
  • Braydon Cameron

    haven't beaten it yet but played enough to laugh at and with him
    lundi 24 juillet 2017 12:42:00
  • The Revolution

    Surprisingly his first encounter with Kraid went better than I expected. Good job Bolen.
    mercredi 19 juillet 2017 22:42:14
  • GrappleHammer

    Not hating, but GOD it hurts to watch Bolen struggle with this. But that's because I've basically memorized this game, and I play rom hacks of this as well. It's cool to watch someone play it for the first time, and watch them experience the world in their way. Edit: I think my main issue (again, not hating on you Bolen, just getting my thoughts out of my head) is that I'm expecting him to learn faster than he is, as well as expecting him to have knowledge that he wouldn't and doesn't have. Like I said earlier, I basically have this whole game memorized, and I have to remember to curb my expectations for this one.
    mercredi 19 juillet 2017 14:06:42
  • homerlover4420

    Thank god its not another players unknown stream
    mercredi 19 juillet 2017 13:56:31
  • Ray Harper

    Bolen playing Super Metroid?!?!? HOW CAN YOU NOT BLEED PURPLE?!?!
    mercredi 19 juillet 2017 12:15:34
  • Josh Martindale

    I know we are a small ways out from finishing this one, but I hope you guys check out Metroid Fusion. Doesn't have to be next for Nintuesdays (I imagine some Mario and/or DKC might be in the cards - btw, don't skip on Kirby), but I'm curious to see how you take to it after Super Metroid.
    mercredi 19 juillet 2017 11:58:28
  • Almighty Keys

    Don't you dare talk about dark souls when you can barely handle memorizing a 2d platformer -_-
    mercredi 19 juillet 2017 08:30:55
  • Xuncu

    OK, so in Dark Souls 2, Pat and Woolie on the controls of the Best Friends Play/Zaibatsu LPers, the phrases of the game were "Drop your shield", "Know/See what I mean?", and "Perfect!" Check your map.
    mercredi 19 juillet 2017 05:05:39
  • Xuncu

    After this, we should get Bolen on Prime 1, let him wander around that chocolatey graphical goodness. And then, have him do Fusion, alone, at night, with low lighting. _Step, step, step, step, step, step....._
    mercredi 19 juillet 2017 02:54:57
  • Xuncu

    It's kinda messing with me, because James (the Angry Video Game Nerd) and Mike are doing this game right now, too, so I'm mixing up who was at what point; "Hold on, didn't he have the super-bombs already-- wait...."
    mercredi 19 juillet 2017 02:54:28
  • Psycho Mikey

    oh god bolen you make my inner child cry with your suckage.
    mercredi 19 juillet 2017 01:16:11
  • Ryan Spitko

    I had a sega too n I swear I heard whoopsy as a kid
    mardi 18 juillet 2017 23:36:45
  • CSquared

    I think I said it last week, but I love that Bolen's having a good time with this.
    mardi 18 juillet 2017 20:56:42
  • Ben Pettit

    This my favorite stream you guys have been doing lately.
    mardi 18 juillet 2017 20:10:59
  • Andrew Reeves

    I'm not sure that Bolen has figured out that if you get the map for an area it doesn't show you everything.
    mardi 18 juillet 2017 19:12:57
  • AlonditeMX

    Oh, Bolen, how I envy you...Being able to experience the greatest video game ever made for the first time.
    mardi 18 juillet 2017 18:43:25
  • titations973233

    gawd i love this game!!!!! I beat Super Metroid many, many times
    mardi 18 juillet 2017 17:44:42
  • Lord SwagAlot

    Save the animals!!!
    mardi 18 juillet 2017 17:42:12
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