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    Envoyée le vendredi 28 août 2009 06:01:09
    par Lisa Irby
    Vue 196542 fois

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  • Megan Rhodes-Sommer

    love the way you keep it real!
    lundi 15 septembre 2014 10:47:59
  • BrotherErickDMarquez

    I don't have a blog but I have a youtube channel
    mardi 02 septembre 2014 13:40:35
  • Dustin Jones

    You need to increase your own adsense revenue and invest in an HD camera! Just saying...
    jeudi 24 avril 2014 20:49:33
  • Entertain channel

    nice tips lisa I am building gaming channel now
    dimanche 20 avril 2014 14:56:30

    thank you i am really trying to understand this so thank you ty
    samedi 05 avril 2014 21:12:42
  • Bobby Trainer

    Well done.
    dimanche 16 mars 2014 02:39:14
  • ShowToysKids Brinquedos e Surpresas e Massinhas

    mardi 11 mars 2014 17:04:30
  • OfficialFrizzo

    I check my realtime Youtube stats in Adsense by going to > View Full Reports > Hosted AdSense for Content > All Time. My original issue was a drop in clicks and a lowered CTR and now it's showing less Page Views as well as a drop in clicks and CTR when the amount of actual Youtube video views that I'm receiving is growing according to my Youtube stats. I checked my videos and they are all displaying ads. Why am I encountering this dramatic loss of clicks, CTR, Page Views and ultimately, revenue?
    dimanche 26 janvier 2014 12:24:35
  • Meg Le Vu

    Great advice Lisa, thanks. 
    jeudi 07 novembre 2013 10:49:23
  • TheMindCatcher Natural Beauty

    Very Informative! Thanks 4 sharing!
    dimanche 10 février 2013 21:34:52
  • Aimee Blamey

    uh, yeah. thanks. peace!
    vendredi 11 janvier 2013 00:42:22
  • Matt Ro

    "Guess what?... Nobody Cares!" LOL...You're killing me!
    mercredi 05 septembre 2012 21:38:37
  • I I

    Hello Lisa, I love your video. I have a question, what is the step one? making a website? or making a blog? or can the blog be in your website? thanks so much!
    samedi 01 septembre 2012 10:39:28
  • Buzz Inar

    Thanks for your honest & refreshing review Lisa.
    vendredi 20 juillet 2012 09:31:03
  • Robert McCarthy

    Love the videos you make, keep on making them!
    vendredi 20 juillet 2012 00:36:03
  • hordinetube

    Excellent opinions.
    jeudi 19 juillet 2012 12:25:43
  • Georgia Porter

    Thanks Lisa, This is very informative and helpful.
    samedi 14 juillet 2012 19:11:00
  • MaHoodENT85

    thank you
    samedi 07 juillet 2012 10:41:38
  • Jerel Damon

    Hey this was very good video and I feel I have learned alot. Just getting started. I feel freed up from what you said about content. It does have to be different and stand out in other words I felt what you were saying was be honest with yourself and to others. And in my eyes... for the longest time I have held my tongue for fear of being mean but... fuck it. Thank you so much and I couldn't stop laughing when you said about personal blogs "Nobody cares". LOL!
    jeudi 21 juin 2012 10:19:24
  • Nancy Badillo

    Hi Lisa, I had a question. If my google account has been suspended of invalid clicks.. is there any way I can apply again
    vendredi 08 juin 2012 00:35:58
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