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  • 10 Moments of Subjectivity on Film
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    Envoyée le mercredi 15 février 2017 19:02:56
    par CineFix
    Vue 394623 fois

    Stories are told through a certain character's perspective and filmmakers create various pathways to bridge the gap of understanding between character and audience. We've compiled a list of the best film examples that convey a character's specific state of mind.

    Top 10 Moments of Subjectivity on Film:
    1. Hiroshima, Mon Amour
    2. Take Shelter
    3. An American Werewolf in London's
    4. The Mirror
    5. The Last Temptation of Christ
    6. Big Fish
    7. Apocalypse Now
    8. Clean, Shaven
    9. Fight Club
    10. Saving Private Ryan

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  • Charlie Broomfield

    Love the lists, how about best use of contrapuntal music/sounds ?
    mercredi 17 mai 2017 17:25:54
  • Mike Fly

    The director of Take Shelter is a GENIUS
    mardi 16 mai 2017 20:09:44
  • Justin Sprenkle

    How can you guys only allude to Diving Bell and not put it on the list? I had never heard of LIS before the film, and sitting there in the theater, I felt strapped to my seat. I felt locked-in. THAT is subjectivity. The list is great, as always, but you missed a big one by only showing a few clips.
    samedi 13 mai 2017 23:48:48
  • prof shad

    Not movies about time travel, but use of time travel.  Either as a theme or just a plot device.
    samedi 13 mai 2017 17:40:56
  • prof shad

    Have they done one on the best uses of time travel in film.
    samedi 13 mai 2017 17:36:16
  • André M. Santos

    The marriage memories cuts inside "Her" could be mentioned. It is perfectly inserted inside the dialog itself, making a great composition of the scene
    jeudi 04 mai 2017 23:47:45
  • Diplipito

    I sometimes wonder whether you guys pick the ranking criteria just so you can stick the Mirror in there... just kidding, you guys are awesome. But how could you possibly not make Stalker the no.1? Not just for the dreamy scenes but because the whole film is based on subjectivity. The trips in the Zone, the Room itself are journeys into subjectivity.
    mardi 02 mai 2017 16:33:22
  • Daniel Yeatts

    How about the most innovative film making of all time. Like the original Evil Dead for example. I'm sure you know more than I do and I'm curious which you think did the best with what they had.
    mardi 25 avril 2017 22:02:22
  • Hannibal Grim

    In regards to the Veterans leaving the theater during the intro of Private Ryan, that legend is true. I worked in a theater when that film was released, and I witnessed a few Vets walking out during that scene.
    dimanche 23 avril 2017 14:49:55
  • Daniela Huguet Taylor

    You should've considered Faces in a Crowd, which was great for showing prosopagnosia.
    jeudi 20 avril 2017 19:21:49
  • AnonnymouZ

    Goddamn, i love your fucking channel.
    jeudi 20 avril 2017 14:01:08
  • Docktor Jim

    I was going to be so pissed if Big Fish didn't make the list. I was just daydreaming about the film yesterday, wondering how I could exaggerate my life. And yeah, you managed to work in nice nods to Jacob's Ladder and Eternal Sunshine, too.
    jeudi 20 avril 2017 00:34:33
  • Ashmeed Mohammed

    cinefix teaches, using a vast library of past, contemporary, foreign...
    lundi 17 avril 2017 13:13:22
  • Samkit Shah

    You guys are the best :)
    dimanche 16 avril 2017 05:22:48
  • djdrgonzo

    come and see? where is it on this list? the whole film is a genius of subjectivity
    jeudi 13 avril 2017 10:56:54
  • Aguilian Aguilian

    one flew over the cuckoo's nest would be worth an honorable mention if it was adapted faithfully. *shakes fist at the sky*
    mercredi 12 avril 2017 23:14:54
  • Frahamen

    You missed Heavenly Creatures...
    mercredi 12 avril 2017 17:39:02
  • Tennis932000

    Dude. That clean,shaven sequence made me really uncomfortable.
    mercredi 12 avril 2017 09:04:46
  • dAvrilthebear

    You don't really explain what specifically needs to be done to make a shot subjective and not objective. Everything is subjective in The Mirror and somehow you know it.
    lundi 10 avril 2017 11:46:39
  • Bob Spitfire

    I think Id disagree with the drunken one, but just because of personal experience. That wasnt all like any time Ive gotten drunk. My top spot for that would be A Scanner Darkly. It might not be a perfect film, but it nailed psychoactive drugs like nothing else ever has. Conversations that get increasingly discordant, while anyone on the same level, so to speak, gets wrapped up in wherever the hell its going. Just look at the missing gears scene. They included the excitability, the paranoia, the usually hopeless attempts at analysing things, and of course its all hammered in with the rotoscoped animation. Animation that manages to be both clear as day frame by frame and strangely off, even disorientating as a whole.
    lundi 10 avril 2017 10:48:31
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