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  • 10 Moments of Subjectivity on Film
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    Envoyée le mercredi 15 février 2017 19:02:56
    par CineFix
    Vue 351949 fois

    Stories are told through a certain character's perspective and filmmakers create various pathways to bridge the gap of understanding between character and audience. We've compiled a list of the best film examples that convey a character's specific state of mind.

    Top 10 Moments of Subjectivity on Film:
    1. Hiroshima, Mon Amour
    2. Take Shelter
    3. An American Werewolf in London's
    4. The Mirror
    5. The Last Temptation of Christ
    6. Big Fish
    7. Apocalypse Now
    8. Clean, Shaven
    9. Fight Club
    10. Saving Private Ryan

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  • crossaffliction

    Kind of pleasantly surprised 'Kung Fu Panda 2' got a look, if even in the non-mentioned, just shown honorable mentions, but it was in the wrong section; it's best subjective moment was a memory, not a dream, and it even had a clever formalist thing going on (the moment the memory switches from 2D to 3D animation).
    mardi 28 mars 2017 22:51:44
  • Radical M0rm0n

    I would have considered Groundhog Day for this list. However I admit that I'm not at all sure what category I would have placed it in.
    mardi 28 mars 2017 20:07:57
  • David Harbeck

    Sorry but I have to point out an error when you're talking about the invasion of Normandy in #10. The video you use to represent what the invasion "actually" looked like is NOT the first wave. If you research the D-Day invasion you would find that the first boats that got to the beach were met with immediate machine gun fire and 90% of the men on the first boats were killed or drowned. The Saving Private Ryan representation is actually pretty realistic.
    lundi 27 mars 2017 16:30:27
  • Daniel Magalhães

    "Tha's right motherfuckers, we're going with The Mirror" lol Its alright guys, we know you fucking adore this film.
    dimanche 26 mars 2017 00:48:12
  • Expendable Indigo

    Suggestion: Top 10 up-to-interpretation moments.
    samedi 25 mars 2017 21:38:28
  • bossfan49

    I got to #9. Too much explaining. For the love of God, shut the hell up and show the clips already.
    jeudi 23 mars 2017 19:16:43
  • Ahmad Ghalyoun

    dude what movies you DIDNT see
    jeudi 23 mars 2017 18:42:37
  • Justin Duvall

    nice tally, and perhaps i missed some of the quick honorable mentions, but i expected WAY more mention of Michel Gondry. i know he's mostly done music videos, but IMO he's a revolutionary at depicting the subjective on screen. and again, perhaps i missed it but i expected at least a nod to the film, What Dreams May Come.
    mardi 21 mars 2017 11:45:28
  • arrancol

    what's the instrumental at 3:35?
    mardi 21 mars 2017 06:14:28
  • Nguyễn Ngọc Quỳnh Như

    Thats right motherfuckers!
    mardi 21 mars 2017 00:28:46
  • Angélica M V

    I am so happy you included "Take Shelter" here, I usually dislike films with open endings and which can have several different interpretations, but this one may be the biggest exception to my rule. The amazing performances and direction just made me love it, I think every film lover should watch it and talk about it more (and tell me what you think of the ending, please!)
    lundi 20 mars 2017 18:52:17
  • Huh?

    Although you didn't "choose" Synecdoche, New York, I did want to speak to your nod: The movie is about a lot of things and is understandably divisive (from what I've seen and read). I have health-related anxiety issues, though, and this it is like a horror film for me. It is a visualization of my greatest fear: That I will get sick and die without living, that I will be uncomfortable and scared, and that I have startlingly little control over many aspects of my life and health, despite wanting it badly. I don't watch Synecdoche often, but it is one of my favorite films and I think about it regularly. It's a wonderful representation of a person wanting control and wanting not to decay, but who is unable to achieve these wishes.
    lundi 20 mars 2017 17:14:44
  • danteUp OP

    hahahaha they got me with the "that's right motherf*ckers we're going with The mirror"
    dimanche 19 mars 2017 12:28:01
  • Anmol Biswas

    What brilliant trolling it would be if Total Recall had turned up on #1 for memory
    jeudi 16 mars 2017 05:56:39
  • Stephen Heppell

    Really enjoyed this- although film is never objective it is always subjective- even documentary footage isn't objective- it doesn't actually capture 'reality'. We do not experience life in a rectangle at 25 frames per second.
    jeudi 16 mars 2017 04:38:04
  • Jonathan Capogrossi

    Top 10 Spielberg Action scenes.....waiting on that one
    jeudi 16 mars 2017 01:38:53
  • Brady Ajay

    I'm curious why 'Enter the Void' did not make the list. The entire film is uniquely subjective.
    jeudi 16 mars 2017 01:20:08

    The ambiguous narrative should have got a place, American Psycho in the way what is real and what is not is unclear being the prime example
    mercredi 15 mars 2017 23:08:19
  • Zippr

    intoxication, what about the Dumbo and the Pink elephants. That shits foo real son.
    mercredi 15 mars 2017 15:56:52
  • James Seaford

    Big Fish.... Big Everyone says it's good so I should say so too.
    mercredi 15 mars 2017 14:28:20
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